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Your gut is a really big deal and plays a really big part in your body.

In fact, it is literally the whole entire digestive tract and contains everything from organs to enzymes and hormones and all those fancy words you learned in freshman science class.

What Does Your Gut Do?

But in simple terms, the gut directly relates to how you absorb the foods you eat. That's a pretty big deal if you ask me.

If your body isn't properly delivering the nutrients from your food you are probably going to experience constipation, bloating, and all that jazz that we all know, but don't love.

You really want to make sure your gastrointestinal tract is in great shape for so many reasons, but I won't get into it, I think you get the picture.

However, an unhealthy diet can also lead straight to a bad balance of good and bad bacteria.

Signs Your Gut is Bad

With too much bad bacteria and insufficient digestive enzymes, you'll have excessive inflammation, fatigue, hormone imbalance, bad skin, depression, and more.

Basically, think of this: unhealthy gut = inflammation = symptoms.

This is all why we need to ensure we have a healthy and well-working gut. This means eating more of the right foods and less of the not-so-right foods. It might even mean adding these supplements to your daily routine to heal your gut right now! Trust me; you're going to thank me.

Supplements To Heal Your Gut


For all my IBS sisters, you need this. This supplement is great for your symptoms and for healing your digestive tract. If you want to get into gut health but don't know where to start, start here and you won't regret it.


Magnesium helps in more than 300 metabolic reactions in the body, everything from nerves to bones. However, this supplement is really great for repairing your muscles and even constipation. I'd suggest taking it at night.


If you aren't taking probiotics by now, you need to be! I know I featured the "women" one above, but honestly, I take the "men" one. Probiotics are made up of that good bacteria that I mentioned earlier, which is why they are so important for your gut health.


This supplement is great for helping your body digest your food. It quickly breaks down your food and then your body can absorb the nutrients it needs! Just you helping you out. It's also amazing for bloating, you really do need this. So pop one of these and then eat the pizza!


This supplement is great for digesting food and your bowel movements (is that TMI?). Let me just say that if you struggle with constipation, this one is for you. And it supports your gut health!


Two of the active substances that you find in ginger, 6-gingerol and 6-shogaol, help prevent oxidation, inflammation, and cancer. Plus ginger in general is great for nausea and digestive issues. The great thing about taking it in a capsule insures that you get your dose every day.

So those are my favorite supplements for gut health! Of course, your diet also plays a role and there are so many foods that help your gut as well, but these supplements are really great at ensuring results and keeping your gut and digestive tract consistent.

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