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Welcome to IGQ (It-Girl Instagram... duh), where I give you the coolest it-girls, with even cooler Instagrams. Today’s IGQ features the queen of vacation and colors and wins best dressed every single time. Miss Iris Law, known as @lirisaw on insta. 

Not only is she my ultimate style inspo, but she’s also literally life goals. Like she lives the glorious life of being a nepo kid while hanging out with hot friends who frolic around the world. Literal. Goals. I mean, that’s a friend group I wanna be in.

She’s one of the faces of Heaven by Marc Jacobs and she kills it every time. She serves face and pose and the outfits were literally made for her.

She’s probably one of the reasons why that brand has me in a chokehold. She was just in New York City with friends like Jordan Daniels and Tyrell Hampton (also iconic) and she was giving us the content we needed! The queen never disappoints whether it’s just a late-night pic of her apartment or her eating fruit with the coolest blue hair ever. 

Also, can we talk about her nails! They are always so colorful and cool like hook me up with your nail artist, please. And she also has the best photo dumps. Like only Iris Law could post some doctor drawing of tonsils and make it aesthetic. Teach us your ways, please. 

Iris also never disappoints with her IG fit pics. If I could raid anyone’s closet, she is in the top three for sure. I love how she incorporates so much color, yet somehow doesn’t overdo it. Like this purple jacket and green patterned dress with some killer makeup just looks stunning on her. And I love the fact that she shaved her head, she pulls it off so well she makes me want to do. JK, I could never, but I love how she did. 

If you are ever looking for some it-girl picspo, look no further. This pic is Iris in LA grabbing lunch, probably with Devon, and the fact that they are on yellow chairs is so her. She makes me want to get in my car and drive around until I find this exact location. And see, this is what I was talking about like Iris is literally the queen of color. She’s wearing pretty much no color on a white wall with one drop of color, yet I’m still like, “mhm yes so much color go queen Iris.” She just can’t do wrong in my eyes.

This outfit is probably one of my favorite outfits she has worn. It might be the pairing of green and pink but I also love the texture of that cardigan. And she’s literally just beautiful. Talk about a one pic queen. I also needed that shirt like yesterday. 

If you haven’t realized how cool she is by now, you are on another planet. I'm out.

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