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Devon is definitely a fashion icon. It’s no surprise that she loves bright colors and is often pulling style inspiration from the 2000s and icons like Britney Spears or even just friends around her. I mean, if I hung out with Jesse Jo Stark and Bella Hadid, I would too. Dev isn’t afraid to mix patterns or style vintage jeans with the newest Dior purse, and I think that gives her style such an iconic touch; it’s almost irreplaceable.

I’ve pulled together my favorite looks from her Instagram for you to look back at any time you need some fashion inspo or pics to save to your outfit boards on Pinterest. As much as I adore Devon, I will admit she has had some questionable outfits as well, but who hasn’t? She recently posted in capris, and I’m sorry, but I refuse to bring those back.

But I give her credit for going outside the comfort zone, snaps to you, Miss Devon.

Chip Chrome Crew Neck Sweatshirt

Devon is the queen of mirror selfies since she is one of the owners of my favorite phone case brand, Wildflower Cases. And since she literally has them all (duh), she’s always matching her fit to her case, and I am utterly jealous of her for that fact.

Like, I want to match my outfits to my phone case. Are you kidding me? Also, this Chip Chrome crewneck she’s wearing is the most comfortable thing in the world. I own it, and it’s probably my most worn item.

Cute and comfy?


(Find it here: Chip Chrome - Mic Swing Crewneck – CHIP CHROME)

Wildflower Strawberry Paisley iPhone 12 Case 

I’m so obsessed with this colorful shirt from Unif, and I love how she styled it. These jeans look vintage, and while you won’t be able to get your hands on this exact pair, Brandy Melville has a pair with a similar vibe.

Also, I love how she paired a funky orange bag with the orange details on her shirt; glad to see she knows what she’s doing.

Sky Long Sleeve Top

Melody 90's Jeans – Brandy Melville

The Super Casual Look

This look is super casual, but Devon still manages to kill it. I’m also obsessed with that phone case at the moment, so my opinion is a little biased. I think this look would work fine with any white sneakers; they aren’t going to make or break the outfit.

If you wanted to add more color, I’d opt for a colorful baby tee with lots of fun accessories. 

Wildflower Flower Funk iPhone 11 Pro Max Case – Wildflower Cases

Ginny Top – Brandy Melville

The White Boots are Everything

I don’t know what I love more, the outfit or the boots.

Okay, the boots.

But I still adore this matching fit from Pretties. And I love the pop of color that the orange phone adds, even if you will only see it in a mirror selfie. Also, can we talk about how tan this outfit makes her! 

Grab them here:

Cha Cha Cha Dress — Pretties

Cardi P — Pretties 

Pumpkin Spice Latte Love iPhone 13 Pro Max Case 

I love how cute and colorful this outfit is, and I hate that I have no idea where any of it is from. That shirt is definitely thrifted, and it looks like she paired it with a puffer jacket and those awesome pink pants. If you want to know what puffer jacket to get, I also have a whole article on puffer jackets.

As for now, I’ll give you easy access to her fun phone case.

Wildflower Jewels iPhone 11 Pro Max Case – Wildflower Cases 

Devon Carlson - A TIGG Super

It’s quite obvious Devon always knows what's trendy and isn’t scared to try a new look, which I love. Anyone can take style inspo from her, and I would highly recommend it - the girl knows what she’s doing.

And who knows, maybe you can make the Wildflower Cases PR list.

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