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The legendary founder of Off-White, Virgil Abloh, who sadly passed in November, had his last show. This beautiful venue featured a giant crystal chandelier in the middle of a white room filled with icons like Rihanna, ASAP Rocky, and Devon Lee Carlson (and a bunch of other cool people).


The show itself also had an amazing casting director because all of the supermodels showed up for this one. Bella Hadid, Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Kaia Gerber, Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Candice Swanepoel, Joan Smalls, Helena Christensen, and the list goes on and on. 


Each look was built into a distinct characters such as “the Fangirl”, the “New York City Ballet”, “the Stripper” or “the Carrie B”. Opening the section was “the Bride”, donning a white silk taffeta dress, pulled up at the front to “evoke the gesture of a girl pulling up her skirt to dance at a party”, worn by Bella Hadid, holding her heels in her hands and coiffed with a veiled baseball cap.


Let me tell you, the looks did NOT disappoint. And Bella looked AMAZING. Like words cannot describe. Her in that white gown and killer sneakers and strutting her stuff, her aura was indescribable. 

I also loved the fact that Kaia and Cindy walked a show together, talk about goals. Cindy wore a long layered tulle skirt with a varsity shirt and cropped blazer. Her hair also looked stunning per usual. Kaia wore a short puffed-up blue skirt with a yellow tee that said “POP” and carried around the latest iPhone. Queen.

Victor Boyko/Getty Images

And I wanted to point out that I loved the little black dress that says, “little black dress” on it, worn by Kendall Jenner. However I wasn’t a huge fan of the kitten ear hats, it's giving middle school and I’m not really a fan.

Valerio Mezzanotti

According to miss style queen, @devonleecarlson, and miss nail artist queen, @nailsbymei, each model had different nails. How iconic is that? And yes, I love throwing that word around. Shut up.

Before the show, Devon also took us around for a little behind the scenes, which was super cute and dare I say…iconic. It was giving Fashion TV and I loved it. We got interviews with @karliekloss and @gigihadid, and we even got a little outfit run down from Devy boo. She wore the CUTEST denim set and her bangs looked so good. Great move. 


Overall, the entire show was simply stunning. Between the clothes, the music, the vibe, the location, the models, everything was utterly stunning. It’s definitely a show that will be on repeat for me. You can view the whole collection here.

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