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The star of the show is definitely this gorgeous set from Miaou's new Spring Summer Collection and it's everything. I'm so obsessed with the entire collection that I wanted to make a lookbook for everything. The collection came out today and they call it a Paris meets NYC vibe, and I couldn't agree more.

The set is this young and free floral print that you could wear in a summery field in Paris or on a super chic night out at NYFW. Of course, you have to get drinks with your friends to show off your killed new look, and of course, your drink has to match your outfit.

You can never go wrong with a super short skirt and a tall sexy boot, so this sleek brown leather one from By Far is perfect. The colors really compliment each other and both have a similar vibe. Like if you wear this outfit you are telling everyone that you know you are the hottest and trendiest person in the room.

And a trendy set calls for a trendy bag which is why I had to compliment the pink outfit with a green Bottega Veneta clutch. How killer?! Personally, I think pink and green is the best color combo so you know I had to. Like I need to be wearing this whole outfit in NYC and take super cute after-dinner pics. You know the vibes.

Originally I wanted to add a Vivienne Westwood necklace but I decided to use the most perfect pieces from √Čliou. This pearl necklace looks so good with this corset because of how big it is and the gold pearl earrings totally bring the hoops and necklace together perfectly. I hope your ears are double pierced because these three pieces were made for each other.

Honestly, this entire outfit plays so well together and it's giving everything and more. You will definitely be the star of the party. Way to go Miaou.

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hello world!

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