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Sky Haarsma

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Okay here me out with this look. I originally saw a picture on Pinterest featuring this dress and I fell in love with it. I mean how could you not? It's vintage Chanel that doesn't look like it's from your grandma's closet. 

Anyways, after seeing that picture my mind immediately went to a look that @courtneymawhorr put together. I scrolled through her dreamy page and found the pic:


I was so obsessed that I knew I had to make a lookbook. So Court was def the inspo, but I didn’t use her exact pieces. I wanted to put my spin on it while still keeping it based on Courtney.

Courtney is such an it-girl and I’m always so obsessed with her outfits and Instagram, like talk about a fashion icon. (Courtney if you are reading this I love you).

This Chanel dress is from FarFetch and has a super fun and funky ocean print on it which I love. I also love how Courtney threw a corset on top and since Miaou is the queen of corsets, I had to include their blue one. It’s super cute and looks great on literally everyone.

And as you know you can never go wrong with a big blazer. I love this one for Zara and Court added a bunch of patches to hers but I wanted to keep it simple since there is a lot going on already. Although her jacket is super super cute. 

I saw this dress and knew I wanted to pair it with an orange bag so I chose this super cute one SSENSE. Or you accessory you could do what Courtney did and wear a red beret, also super hot. And any staple boot of yours would work, I just loved this specific pair.

Okay now for the craaazyyy part. You were probably thinking, okay it’s a little all over the place but it’s still a somewhat normal outfit. Like a mini dress, boots, and a jacket. Totally understandable. But before I even saw Court’s look I really felt like something was missing and I couldn’t put my finger on it. At first, I thought it was the shoes, then the bag, and I wanted to add something but I had no idea what it was. And then I saw her look. And I rarely wear a dress and pants but something clicked where these green pants and this mini dress just pair so beautifully. 

It’s like a weird food combo that you eat in front of people and everyone’s like, “ummmmm” but you’re like, “trust me its super good!”

Personally, I love the shape these pants and dress give together, but if that’s not your thing you totally don’t have to wear the pants. Or maybe you ditch the corset. Or no jacket. Literally do whatever you want just make sure you go out with confidence. Like, look at Courtney. You can’t even see her face but you just know she looks super hot. 

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