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Over the course of two weeks (yes, two whole weeks), I used my time for a few things, but my most efficiently used time was spent finding the best matcha in Toronto. After attending multiple coffee shops and restaurants daily and putting my extremely high caffeine tolerance to use, I discovered the best matcha lattes. And these drinks aren't just the best in the city; some of these happen to make my top list overall. So whether you are a good ole' hearted Canadian or you happen to be visiting my mother's hometown, you won't be matcha depleted.

NEO Coffee Bar

Address: 161 Frederick St Unit 100
What to Order: iced matcha latte with oat milk

This was definitely one of the strongest matchas I've ever had, really anywhere. Most of the time, I argue that oat milk doesn't pair well with matcha because it can be too overpowering, and you lose the matcha quickly - this is not one of those times. Because the matcha itself is so strong and you get such a generous shot, this might be the case where oat milk pairs perfectly. It will balance out the bitterness of a strong strong and add some creaminess without taking away any flavor or overpowering the drink.

Ninetails Coffee on Bloor

Address: 651 Bloor St W
What to Order: hot matcha latte with almond milk

While Ninetails has two locations, they seem to be different. The cafe on Bloor does take the cake simply because of it's ceramic - which is also why you should order a hot matcha from here. They have all kinds of different mugs and glasses that very much have Iris Law vibes. And if you are vegan, they have an apricot breakfast tart that was yum, and if you aren't vegan, they have a chocolate almond croissant if you like a sweet pastry, along with many other options.

Rooms Coffee / 915 Dupont

Address: 915 Dupont St
What to Order: iced matcha latte with oat milk

915 Dupont is insane because not only is the matcha delectable, but the vibes are so cool. This place is a little hard to find, so you might feel lost before you stubble into their door, but it is a hidden treasure. They convert into an even cooler bar at nighttime, so if you love them that much, you can go back. However, the wait at night can be extremely long, so go with a backup plan. As for the matcha, they only offer oat milk as a non-dairy option, but the oat milk they use is actually really good, and it pairs great with their quality, delicious matcha. Now, don't be deceived by my photo because it does look like the iced matcha is quite weak, but that isn't the truth; I just didn't stir it because it was so dark in there (rookie mistake). So let me tell you, the matcha is strong, and the matcha is delicious.

Buno Coffee

Address: 136 Lauder Ave, Toronto, ON M6H 3E5, Canada
What to Order: iced matcha latte with milk of choice (and a blueberry scone)

This coffee shop specializes in coffee, with a lot of focus on details and quality. You can choose the type of bean you want, the type of drink you want, the whole nine yards. So I was surprised when a place like this makes such a good matcha. They frothed the milk even though I ordered an iced drink, which is always such a nice detail that it doesn't get reciprocated a lot. My matcha itself was delicious, and if you are a fan of Minor Figures oat milk (aka LA barista's latest oat milk obsession), then you will love this place even more. On a side note, I would never consider myself someone who likes scones, and in fact, I thought they were just glorified dusty rocks - however, after trying the blueberry scone from here, I have to say it was one of the best pastries I had in the city; definitely, a must order.

This list may seem short, but I only wanted to include the best of the best, from everything to vibes, taste, and other goods that these cafes offer. And once you have tried these four, you can venture out and find even more delicious matcha drinks throughout the city (and feel free to comment any new places you find)! So now go out and enjoy your matcha!

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