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The first Monday of May, the most fashionable night of the year, celebrity prom, it's everything, and more. This year we are honoring Karl Lagerfeld and the designers' interpretation of classic Chanel looks. Let's see how they do.


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Emrata in Tory Burch



Dua in Chanel Haute Couture 1992, originally worn by Claudia Schiffer


She's looking gorgeous, as always


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Emma in Miu Miu


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Killed the all-black look.


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Mother is mothering


The ubermodel herself in vintage Chanel that she previously wore in an editorial.


The blonde beauties and our fav mother-daughter duo.


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The supermodel in Chanel Couture.


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She needed a solo moment because I need her dress.


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Mom and dad


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Her looks never disappoint, and I need this dress.


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Pregnant in pearls.


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A Chanel princess


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Our it girl.


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The Versace and Chanel collab we never knew we needed.



I love it. I literally love it so much.


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The sheer Givenchy look is giving.


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King Kylie


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You know I had to chat with my girl Agnes (better known as diordaddy on Twitter) for the ultimate French it-girl interview since she is the epitome of that. She always is cooking the most gorgeous, delicious-looking food and always serves timeless and effortless looks. Today, we talk about a guide to Paris, from cafes to linen dresses, and we let you know that one watch is out, and you need to be wearing two at a time.

You are my Paris queen; what is your favorite restaurant or cafe

Hahaha omg okay that’s honestly really difficult, I’m always down to try new places so I try and not repeat going to the same places too often. However, my favorite restaurant is probably La Méditerranée or Ralph’s. Both not typical French cuisine lol, but as a pescatarian, typical French cuisine isn’t honestly my thing. As for cafes, it’s difficult because I’m still on the hunt for the best iced coffee in paris and typical cafes don’t always have that. Generally, though my top 3 cafe-ish places would be Wild & the Moon, Soho House, and Season, I know there’s more I just can’t think of right now.

You make the prettiest and yummiest food; what is a current go-to recipe you could share with the girls?

Omg thank you ☺️. I’ll share a breakfast and dinner option hehehe but for breakfast right now I love omelettes so I usually have a mushroom, onion, and chive omelette with a slice of rye sourdough from my favorite boulangerie. As for dinner, it’s my favorite thing to cook, so I could eat it every day, but oven-roasted salmon coated in dijon, dill, and some chopped walnuts. Then on the side, I’ll make a kale and arugula salad with a Dijon yogurt dressing and add some micro greens and pumpkin seeds to that, and that is a perfect meal in my eyes.

Where are your favorite places to shop?

I feel like I rarely shop these days, but long-time favorites include are Brandy, Skims, Celine, Levis, Aritiza, and recent additions, the Frankie Shop, Kith, and always Vinted.

Who are your fashion icons, and where do you get inspo from?

This is so basic, and I’m sure anyone who knows me saw it coming, but Kaia Gerber is honestly my go-to style icon at the moment and probably will be forever. Her style is super simple but still elevated past a level of basic, and she looks amazing all the time, obviously. So she’s definitely someone I always try and emulate because I’m more so on the ‘basic’ and ‘classic’ side of the style spectrum, and I rarely go for crazy out-there styles. Some other people I always find inspo from are Orion Carloto, Emily Oberg, @themillenialdecorator, some of my friends, and of course, my sister.

For the girls who are visiting Paris this summer, what outfit suggestion would you give her?

Linen Dress 100%. As I learned last year, it gets so so hot, and because there’s not a crazy amount of airflow through the city, it feels even hotter than it is. So if possible, pair your favorite sandals or white sneaker with white linen dress. Shorts are out, and you definitely don’t want to be caught in any basic sneakers, so find one that suits your style, or go for the classic, a ballet flat.

This question is purely based on your recent comment about being back on your yogurt bowl grind; how do you like to top your yogurt? And a side question - are you team dairy or vegan yogurt?

I love a good yogurt bowl, and as soon as the seasons turn from winter to spring, I’m back to the yogurt bowl as breakfast, so for the moment, my go-to is this delicious Swiss milk lactose-free yogurt from my bio shop, paired with homemade chia seed jam, blueberries, pumpkin seeds, and if I’m craving some extra sweetness my favorite german honey.
I am indifferent to the type of yogurt, to an extent, because my go-to is lactose-free yogurt, so I don’t know if that falls in the dairy or vegan category. Sadly, we don’t get Cocojune or Coconut Cult yogurts in Paris, or else I would 100% be choosing those; I’m already counting down the days till I’m visiting my family in the US so I can go crazy at the grocery shop. I had a phase where I loved Siggis Skyr Greek Yogurt, but in the end it really f****d with my skin, and I’m still seeing the negative effects of it to this day, so definitely no to the full dairy.

What’s currently on your dream wishlist?

Too many things; number one right now is a vintage Kelly bag, to be honest. I’ve seen some really nice ones at my favorite vintage designer shops, and I might just save up for it. I’ve been searching for a new bag since my birthday, and now that I’m doing an internship, I definitely want one that’s slightly bigger than any in my current collection. However, in slightly more realistic terms, my wishlist in short, Bottega Veneta Sardinia bag in Maaroon, Tom Ford Jasmine Rouge, Gucci Jackie in Green, a new watch, and too many new vintage shoes including Dior kitten heels in baby pink, Brown Chanel Loafers, Chanel Flats in forest green, and Manolo Kitten Heels.

Lastly, how would you style the simple and ever-so-chic, white tee?

It would definitely depend on which season I’m styling it for because, in my eyes, you can and should be wearing white tees every season. However, since we’re entering spring-summer now, I would pair my favorite white tee, either from Brandy Melville or Skims, with a classic oversized pair of Levi 501s. For the shoes, I’d go with my white sambas or the classic black Chanel flat (if it’s for a night out though, pair it with my favorite Manolos). Then, the most important part, accessories, so I’ll pair the look with my go-to Hermes and Bulova watch (I love wearing two watches, don’t judge me), a gold bracelet, 2-3 gold rings, and favorite pair of sunglasses, and with this look, I’d match the color of the shoes to the sunglasses and bag, so most likely black Celine sunglasses, and my Ferragamo bag. As for the coat, I’m currently obsessed with my mother's oversized Burberry trench that I took from her, so I will definitely be wearing that, but I hope soon enough it’s warm enough out that I won’t be needing that.

For the first official TIGG interview, I talked with Bella Lombardi about fashion, confidence, and so much more.

For those who don't know, Bella, @bella.lombardi on Instagram is a total fashion guru with her podcast, Bitchin With Bella, and killer photography account, Pix by Bellz. Her outfits are to die for, and she's always on top of the latest trends and hottest brands. I mean if you are looking for some new fashion inspo, look no further.

Bella and I were able to talk and create this written interview for you girls and I would love to see you hotties join the conversation in the comments. You can hear more of Bella talk on Spotify or Instagram, and you know where to find me.

Anyways, let's get into the deets.

how would you describe your personal style?

I would describe it as my own and curated to everything i love. I've always tried labeling my style but I like to have all my favorite styles/aesthetics all together in one.

how did you find your style?

It took years to figure out my personal style but currently its all of my past aesthetics put into one. I also think thrifting helped me find my style and inspired me to go outside my comfort zone experimenting with different clothing pieces.

who are your three biggest fashion icons?

90s/2000s it girls street style, Bratz dolls and me haha

what are your spring/summer closet must haves?

Definitely baggy low rise pants, the perfect baby tee, low rise pleated mini skirts, corset tops, baggy denim jackets, long denim skirts, bandanas, floral dainty tops, fit and flare mini dresses, baseball caps, light knit cropped cardigans.

you have the cutest clothes; where are your favorite places to shop?

thank you! ♡ and honestly thrift stores are my favorite places to shop. Depop, Poshmark, The RealReal are also amazing places to find stuff, i find myself preferring secondhand clothes because theyre so unique. As for non thrift stores I love Revolve, Princess Polly, Brandy Melville and I.AM.GIA.

any tips for the girls out there who are looking to take more pictures and grow their Instagram?

I say just go out and do it! Get yourself a camera stand with a phone attachment, find somewhere with good lighting and just start taking outfit pics, i've been trying to become an influencer since 2014 so it's definitely a lot of work and based off of luck but there will always be someone who loves your content so just go for it! It's a fun way to show and grow your creativity.

what are your favorite makeup products right now?

I love Charlotte Tilbury, their foundation and lip liner are my absolute favorites. Rare beauty blush is the best blush i've ever used. Glossier mascara is great and Makeup by Mario plumping lip serum is to die for.

how do you deal with online haters and not letting them get to you?

It's definitely tough ignoring all the comments i see about myself online especially when it's about my body because i've had insecurities and body dysmorphia for half my life but ive been on the internet for a while and spent all of high school getting bullied so ignoring the hate is something i had to learn. The secret to not letting people get to you is to think "Is this person important to me? Do they inspire me? Would i want to be them?" if the answer is no to those questions there's no reason to let them effect how you feel (:


As you probably have heard, Gwyneth Paltrow is currently in a Utah court for a trial regarding a ski accident that happened many years ago.

According to Forbes, "Paltrow is in court this week over allegations she crashed into retired optometrist Terry Sanderson on a Park City, Utah, ski slope, breaking his ribs and causing permanent brain damage (Paltrow instead claims Sanderson crashed into her and filed a counterclaim, seeking just $1 in damages and attorney’s fees). Sanderson, 76, claims the incident, which took place in February 2016, was a hit-and-run and is suing for $300,000 (he initially sued for $3 million)."

During the trial, however, a lot of us have had our attention directed to the original it-girl and her chic and minimal looks that feature Prada, the Row, and her $250 notebook (respect).

So let's take a look at Gwyneth's court room style, and although we aren't trying to get money from her, we can try to take inspo from these looks.


I love a quality white sweater, and I love this one. It's so chic and simple, with a loose turtleneck and mid length sleeves. It looks so cute and so comfy, the perfect combo (especially for court).

Her sweater is G. Label by Goop, but you can find a similar one on ASOS.

Her personalized notebook is from Smythson but in case you also wanted a notebook like this but you aren't Gwyneth Paltrow and didn't want to spend almost $300 on it, this is almost an exact copy from Amazon, for $10.

POOL/AFP via Getty Images

Later on, Gwyneth graced us in this chic grey suit with her sparkling water and stacked gold necklaces. She looks so good and I especially want her top and that heart necklace.

POOL/AFP via Getty Images

Is this fashion week or what? I feel like I'm sitting front row at The Row. Or Prada since that's where these black chunky boots are from. They come to around $1300, but in case you want to find a similar pair, I like these ones from NA-KD since they are practically identical.


I never realized how good Gwyneth was at stacking gold jewelry, but I guess she is a pro. I love her bracelets and I need to get my hands on that stack. This brown leather bag is great for carrying books or a laptop or just for when you need a chic oversized bag.

A lot of her jewelry is from Foundrae, and retails to around 3,000 to 11,000 dollars per piece. Some similar pieces you can get to recreate this stack are this chunky gold chain and this nameplate one, both similar to what she has on.

Her white cardigan is so cute, and I love this similar-ish piece from Reformation. It isn't really the same at all, but it feels like it would be this sweater's daughter or just the younger, more cheeky version. Oh, also, it's great for the ballet coquette girls on here.

And depending on how long this trial goes on and how many more times Gwyneth has to serve looks, I'll keep you updated, so stay tuned.

Jane Birkin: the forever french icon, the 60s and 70s style icon, and the inspiration behind the iconic Hermès Birkin. This British model/actress has the most beautifully curated style that is still a huge inspiration to so many people. Her outfits are effortless and casual with her white tee and blue jeans but she also pulls out a sexy sheer dress or mini skirt and wears it perfectly.

I'm obsessed with all of her outfits and the way she wears them. It's a great balance between confidence and subtleness, which is a must in my eyes when it comes to fashion.

She pulls from French and English fashion to create these country yet city style looks. Her outfits are great for a style steal because you can really make them your own or find pieces you like such as her wicker basket that she loved to carry with her or even just take inspiration from her gorgeous natural hair and makeup looks.

Yves LE ROUX/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

This is definitely one of my favorite looks ever. The dress is the cutest thing in the entire world and I'm always trying to look for a perfect match that I can get my hands on. I love the sheerness, I love the length, I love the long open sleeves, ugh it's just perfect in every way!

I'm also 100% for the way she styles it, the long necklace and the little heels are so effortless but still elevate the look. And I love that she has her iconic basket with her.

A Di Crollalanza/Shutterstock

Such a great look. You can never go wrong with a white tee and blue jeans (and a colorful shoe). I think the overflowing bag also adds character to the look and her updo adds a lived-in value, both are important when creating a simple and effortless look.

Gilbert TOURTE/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

"I took off about 10 inches of metal from the bottom so you could see my shorts" -Jane.

I love this dress, the sheerness and details are 2die4 and she wears it so well. I'm always team sheer and Jane might have been too, I mean can you blame us?!

This is a great inspiration for your next going-out look, you just need a chainmail or a sheer dress (super short duh) and some tiny cute black shorts. I would pair this with some knee-high black boots and maybe a fur if it was cold outside.


I loooove this top. It's so cute and Reformation has a really similar one that I'm obsessed with because you can recreate this look with it (and it's just a stunner in general). So pair your feminine white top with blue jeans and a heeled sandal and you've got the perfect Jane look. Extra points if you match the iconic bangs.


Jane was the best at making her boyfriend her accessory, I love it. This is also a great summer look: a lacey feminine top that shows your stomach paired with white jeans and a small black belt.

jean-Louis Atlan

A slip dress is a closet must-have and honestly, you find the best ones thrifting. Or digging into your grandma's closet. Pair it with sleek boots or ballet flats, and maybe even a wicker basket if you are feeling it. I feel like a red headband could look cute too.

bertrand laforet getty images

A flowy mini dress and knee-high boots are always the perfect timeless summer look.

If there is one thing you can take from Jane it's that she's not afraid to mix and match. I think that's also another reason why having staple pieces in your closet is so important because you can always style them and always pull together a look that's yours.

A white long-sleeve and some super short denim shorts. Love it. I'd probably make this more my style by wearing ripped shorts and untucking the shirt, showing just enough skin between the bottom of your shirt and the top of the shorts.

But cotton in summer is always a must-have, Jane gets it.

So I think we all agree that tousled bangs, a Birkin or a basket, a short sheer mini dress, and a good pair of denim is all you need to pull off a perfect look.

Kendall Jenner is constantly followed around for her off-duty looks, whether it be post pilates or pre lunch date, and I'm not going to lie I like a lot of her looks. However, not all of us were born into America's royal family and have the luxury to shop at the Row and Khaite for every outfit. But, we obviously still want to look cute and it never hurt to take inspo from someone and make it fit your needs.

In this article you will find how to recreate Kendall's looks all on Princess Polly. This way you can still look like a total it-girl without having to spend your entire paycheck on a sweater.


This first look is perfect for the pilates girls out there. You can take your workout set and make it chic so you can grab a smoothie post class. If you already have a black workout set all you need is this leather jacket, which you can find almost the exact same one below.


This is definitely I look you would catch me in. I love the minimal chicness yet it is still young and fun. I love flattering and simple outfits and the fact that you can recreate this whole look from one place is so convenient.


This outfit is exactly what I mean when I say staple pieces paired with a statement piece. It is still casual and effortless but these jeans brighten the look perfectly.


For your next rodeo or when you are feeling like a cowboy in the summer. This denim skirt is so cute and can be styled with a million different tops. And if you need some cowboy boots to go with this look, Princess Polly has you covered there too.

AbacaPress / SplashNews.com

I think I've worn this exact outfit so you know I mean it when I say I love it. Princess Polly didn't have an exact sweater like this, but I thought the blue one they had was fun and I'm obsessed with the shape. Oh and aren't these sunglasses so cute?

Splash News

This dress is so versatile because you can dress it up or down and it can be accessorized to fit anyone's style. I feel like tying some baby pink ribbons onto this bag would be so cute with this look. In fact, now I want to buy all three of these pieces just so I could do that. Take a picture on a digital camera and oh my god I want to be you.


A chic look that is kind of serving Matilda and I'm here for it! Also can we talk about the fact that Princess Polly literally had the exact pieces? Like this is pretty much a carbon copy so eat it up girls.

Getty Images

Another look that I would totally wear. Except I would switch out the trench for a leather motorcycle jacket. But this brown trench is pretty cute. Also I love the wash of these jeans and those boots are a must.

Getty Images

This look takes the cake. It's so chic and flattering and these pieces are a must have in your closet.

And that's all for now! Comment below any other girls whose style you would like to see recreated on a budget! Luv ya xx

Whether you are a Matilda Minion or just like her taste in things, this gift guide is for you. Well, technically, this guide can be for anyone; I wouldn't be surprised if you found something super cute.

Matilda has a pretty signature style and vibe, and it's universally loved. Between her perfect hair and amazing clothing line, she brings a lot to the it-girl table.

I wanted this list to reflect Matilda but also offer things she owns that you can buy to bring out your inner Matilda.

pink chunky plate

If you saw Matilda's TikTok, where she made a delicious-looking salad, then you probably noticed the super fun plate she was using. It looks similar to the one above since the same person makes them. The plate comes in a bunch of different colors and is definitely something to add to your Christmas list.

apple airpods max

We've all known about these headphones, I mean every it-girl has them. But in case you were wondering which color to get, you can match Matilda and get the silver ones!

rufus tee

This baby tee is so cute, especially for dog lovers. Pair it with some baggy jeans and an oversized blazer and people might just think you are Matilda (especially if you can master the hair).

butterfly hair clips

I love butterfly hair clips, especially for the Spring. I think they are so young and feminine and I especially love them on Matilda.

djerf avenue blazer

Matilda is always caught wearing an oversized blazer, so much so that she ended up designing the perfect one. It looks great with so many outfits and would be a great addition to any closet.

contax camera

I recently discovered this camera that Matilda has, and it is such a cute point-and-shoot if you don't already have one.

low baggy jeans

Matilda can always be seen wearing the perfect pair of baggy jeans, I personally love a good mom jean and think they can be so versatile. If you don't have these in your closet by now, what are you even doing?

fun mug

This mug is hand-painted by a small business owner and is to die for! The perfect gift to ask for and use every morning.

dyson airwrap

This is probably on everyone's Christmas list and I'm not surprised since it seems to be the secret to having perfect hair (aka Matilda's hair). I've only heard great things about and I've only seen even better results.

djerf avenue robe

So comfy. So cute. So Matilda.

the ouai matte pomade and styling cream

I just discovered that this is the product that Matilda uses to slick back her hair, and she says she loves it! So if you love to wear that it-girl slicked-back look, you need to try out this product.

rhode lip treatment

If you can get your hands on this as Matilda did, I would 100% recommend it.

striped bedding

Djerf Avenue sells the cutest bedding and it makes any room feel Matilda inspired.

emi jay hair clip

Every girl has to have a hair clip from Emi Jay. The designs they offer are just unmatched! Matilda loves them, Bella loves them, and Devon loves them. Notice a pattern here?

small sunnies

I found these sunglasses on Amazon and they look really similar to Matilda's vintage ones! Except these are $15 and still give the same vibe. A great gift to give or receive!

wildflower phone case

Matilda has a really big Wildflower case collection, but this is just the one I decided to include. You can also stalk her Instagram to find out some other cases shes used, any of them would be a great gift for a Matilda-inspired present.

vintage louis vuitton shoulder bag

Matilda has a huge bag collection, and all of them are to die for. But I've seen so many pictures of her wearing this one, so I knew this had to be the bag to get included. It's a vintage 2002 Louis Vuitton and such a great versatile bag. And the best part is, I'm pretty sure I found the exact one!

And that is my fun and colorful Matilda-inspired gift guide! Of course, anything from Djerf Avenue could be considered Matilda-inspired but she's also known for supporting small businesses and her friends, like Wildflower Cases and Emi Jay.

Kaia has such a distinct style that I had to talk about it.

It's super chic and classy yet young and effortless. It's also comfy and usually casual. She has so many staple pieces she always wears, and she quickly turns a day look into a night look by adding an oversized blazer.

She also seems to wear super affordable clothes and then chooses designer accessories. All her clothes are also simple and timeless and don't seem to feature many bright colors or patterns.

So let's dive into some of her looks.

Kaia and I are the same sometimes when it comes to our outfits. I mean, I own this exact look, and I've worn it when shopping at Whole Foods, so safe to say we are on the same page. The dark blue flowy sweats and cropped white tank capture that effortless Malibu feel. You've got the perfect look paired with my favorite sunglasses, Adidas, effortless hair, and Whole Foods bags. Plus, her whole outfit is all from Brandy Melville, so it's super affordable and accessible.

This look is an excellent example of how Kaia takes her comfy and casual style and dresses it up while still keeping true to her favorite looks. She's wearing another baby tee in a simple color, and she paired it with some low-slouchy trousers. So it's comfortable and effortless but still looks put together.

Kaia is constantly showing her killer legs in her post-pilates looks, and I've noticed a lot of her outfits are some variation of this look. You need a workout set from Alo; Kaia leans towards shorts in the summer and leggings in the winter. Then throw on a crewneck, hoodie, or fleece jacket and some socks and sneakers. But she leans toward Uggs in the fall and winter.

Vintage straight-leg denim, a Brandy Melville baby tee, and a shoulder bag are all you need to be serving Kaia Gerber. It's basic but in the best way possible. It's really casual, but I basically live in this look when I want to wear jeans. Just swap out the sneakers for Uggs or loafers and add a leather jacket or blazer, and boom, summer look turned fall.

Another example of Kaia's post-pilates look, but this time featuring her sexy sunglasses. I also lover this hair color on her and this messy ponytail look. She's wearing black leggins and a fleece crewneck, and of course a shoulder bag. Kaia is a great example of keeping up with trends but still keeping it classy and timeless and always staying true to her personal style.

Are we the same person? These Brandy Melville sweats, Adidas sambas, grey tee, Celine sunglasses, and green shoulder bag is totally something I'd wear. I love this look for a few reasons. One, it's comfortable and super casual. In fact, you could even consider it pajamas, but not, and here's why. She paired it with the current it-girl shoe to show she is up to date on trends and added that modern it-girl look. Then she paired it with designer shades and a sleek leather shoulder bag to dress the look up. Plus, she's walking her dog, so the whole look says, "I'm not trying because I'm taking my dog for a walk and I just wanted to wear sweats, but I accessorized with chic pieces to make the look presentable but still wholly effortless."

Kaia is the queen of summer dresses; in fact, it's one of my favorite things on her. She always makes them look so young and effortless but still classy and chic. I chose this look to talk about since it's her most recent outing in a dress. I love the added sweater and the gold detail on the bag. But anyone can recreate this. Just take your favorite dress at any length, and pair a navy blue or dark sweater on top. Not an oversized one. Then add some ballet flats, a black shoulder bag, and chic sunglasses to complete the look.

This look is another variation of the one we saw above, but I included it to show you how Kaia has a distinct personal style. It also shows that if you have a look that works for you, it isn't bad to stick with it. These high-waisted pants from Ochi accentuate her long legs, and the warm nude color allows her to pair them with this classy brown shoulder bag and white baby tee. She took mature and classy pants and made them young and effortless.

A great example of a fall workout look for Kaia. These short mini Uggs are her fav, and she is always seen wearing them out, especially post-pilates. This grey crewneck is from Set Active and is so cute and comfy. It's slouchy and has that oversized look without being annoyingly big. I also love the color scheme, and it works well. The cool-toned outfit with warm-toned accessories really works and is pleasing to the eye.

Another great Kaia look. She is wearing her staple vintage 501s and a simple Brandy Melville tank. Of course, her brown leather shoulder bag and favorite sunglasses complete this look. And I'm pretty sure she has some high-top Converse on here. This look is super easy to recreate unless it isn't your vibe, and then, in that case, be like Kaia and stick to you.

Lastly, I wanted to include an example of what Kaia would wear on a night out. To dress like her, wear either trousers or jeans then pair it with a simple baby tee and a neutral-colored oversized blazer or leather jacket. Of course, add a shoulder bag and the latest it-girl sneaker or some timeless black boots.

Nicola Peltz, now Nicola Peltz Beckham, is an icon and one of the prettiest people ever. Not only is she living the life, but she is living the life with great skin. I mean, like, super great skin.

Flawless Face and Flawless Complexion

Her Instagram is filled with photos of her flawless face and flawless complexion, and I eat it up everytime. If I looked like that, I would be doing the same thing.

So after complaining to my Twitter girls that I needed her skincare routine, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

After digging and pulling and studying, I think I was able to gather up what seems to be the iconic Nicola Peltz skincare routine.

So let's get into it.

Nicola Peltz's Skin Routine

First off, whenever Nicola has a pesky pimple pop up, she immediately sleeps with a Starface pimple patch on.


Nicola told Vogue that she has sensitive skin, and because of that, her daily cleanser is the EyeEco Gentle Formula Tea Tree Eyelid and Facial Cleanser. So for all my sensitive skin girlies out there, you can't go wrong with this one.

And if I wasn't convinced that eye patches work, now I am. Because Nicola seems to have no dark circles or bags under her eyes, and she claims to use eye patches. So now, I love eye patches!


No Dark Circle or Bags Under the Eyes

The exact eye patches Nicole says she uses are from 111SKIN. These are a little pricey, but I guess you are paying for perfection!

Oh, and don't forget, all the links are together for you at the bottom of this article!

While she still has her eye patches on, Nicola goes straight in with a rejuvenating serum from Victoria Beckham.

Again, this isn't the most affordable product, so I would totally suggest using your own favorite serum that works best with your skin.

Now, still, with her eye patches on, Nicola applies her Augustinus Bader moisturizer.

But if you aren't a person who wants to spend almost $300 on face cream, I would suggest this one from Embryolisse Lait, which only costs about $30 and gives similar results. You're welcome!

Onto the lips...

Exfoliating the Lips

Nicola starts by exfoliating the dead skin off her lips with wipes from Sephora. Specifically the pineapple exfoliating wipes, but it seems like Sephora doesn't sell that "flavor" anymore.

After that, she goes in with the one and only Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask.


And to finish off any skincare routine, you need sunscreen. Lucky for us, Nicola uses a reasonably priced sunscreen from EltaMD.

Her sunscreen is also highly suggested by it-girls and dermatologists. In fact, it's my second favorite sunscreen, after Supergoop, of course.

There you have it, girlfriends! Nicola Peltz's skincare routine for you to use for inspiration or to create a whole new routine for yourself. If I'm being honest, some products seem to be worth it, but others can be used for an idea of the ingredients Nicola uses in her products.

Either way, I hope you leave this article with killer skin.

It's no surprise that Hailey Bieber is a fashion icon.

She has always been in the spotlight, but she has been killing it lately with her new skincare brand and even the Erewhon smoothie she made.

However, Hailey has always had a great sense of style from the beginning. She's created such a distinct look and aesthetic that when I pick outfits in the morning, I can ask myself,

"Would Hailey Bieber wear this?"

So when you want your outfit to be Hailey Bieber-approved, it's a good idea to have a sense of what she wears and how she wears it. Even better, it's a good idea to have some closet staples from the looks of Hailey, so you know you can't go wrong.

Favorite Hailey Bieber Looks

I gathered up my favorite recent looks from the style icon herself for you to take inspo from or even shop the exact pieces right here.


This is the most color you will see in this whole post, but I love it. I love it because an oversized tee can often look very VSCO, and I'm not about that anymore, but I still want to wear the occasional oversized tee in the summertime. I'm definitely taking notes on how Hailey styled this. Honestly, I think it's the shoes and socks that make this look trendy, and it's the small accessories that make it look put together. This shirt is from Acne Studios, the shoes are Adidas, the sunglasses are vintage Gucci, and the baguette bag is Coperni.


I love the way Hailey styled her parachute pants. It's very trendy, but she made the look her own and kept it simple and not too colorful.

You can find baby tees like this from Brandy Melville and pants like this from Motel Rocks or Jaded London.


When the weather gets colder again, I will definitely remember this outfit. I don't know exactly what it is that I like so much about this outfit, but it's really cute. Her cargo pants are vintage, and the sneakers are Raf Simons.

Bellocqimages/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

A classic white baby tee with low-baggy jeans is my go-to outfit for when I don't know what to wear. Hailey pairs it with sneakers, a chic black shoulder bag, and classy tiny black sunglasses. Simple, yet very effective.

Bellocqimages/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images/Gettyimages

Although you may not own this exact shirt, it would be so easy to recreate this look. I'm definitely saving this as outfit inspiration. I'd also like to use this opportunity to prove that gold accessories go a really long way.

Backgid USA

I'm 1000% obsessed with this look. I love that it's so comfortable yet stylish and looks so put together. All you need is your fav matching grey baby tee and sweat shorts as the base, and then throw on an oversized leather jacket and the accessories you see above. And if I've learned anything from Hailey, it's that you can never go wrong with a classic oversized jacket.

Super Cute Look


What a super simple yet still super cute look. I love how the tank top is loose but still cropped, and the low-baggy jeans really compliment it.

Plus, the baseball cap and other accessories really bring this look to life. You can totally recreate this and make it your own, or do it exactly like Hailey, right down to the green juice.

North Woods

You can never go wrong with a big pant tiny top look. I like how Hailey made this outfit very trendy but still timeless. Both the sunglasses and pants are from Balenciaga. The bag is YSL, and the sneakers are New Balance. Which, just a quick note: if you want shoes like Hailey, all you need are a pair of black loafers and sneakers from New Balance or Adidas.


This outfit screams Hailey to me, and I love it. From the denim shorts to the oversized leather jacket and everything in between.

I love the contrast between the sneakers and sunglasses; overall, this outfit is pure perfection. The best part is that all you need are jean shorts, a white tank top, an oversized leather jacket, crew socks, Adidas sneakers, and your favorite black sunglasses to create this look at home!