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Whether you are looking for a delicious matcha latte with oat milk or that perfect nitro cold brew, I’ve got you covered.

It-Girl Coffee Shops

NYC is full of great coffee and juice shops so you really can’t go wrong wherever you end up, but if you are looking for some it-girl-approved coffee shops and juice bars to make your days a little more enjoyable, you’ve come to the right place.


Romee Strijd Coffee Shop

First up, if you’re looking for an insta perfect latte and matcha, The Butcher’s Daughter is my go-to. Our beloved VS model, Romee Strijd, was often caught here for her morning tea and eggs, and she obviously has great taste.

The Butcher’s Daughter is a plant-based cafe with a killer juice selection. Their menu is always changing, but they never disappoint.

I suggest their matcha master for a wellness latte and their liquid vitality shot for that perfect health boost.


Matchaful is literally my most favorite matcha shop in the entire world.

In fact, I love them so much I literally have their merch.

Like what?

Their matcha is so creamy and never bitter, and the store itself is also super cozy and inviting. Every drink they make is stunning and tastes even better than it looks. This place is also Romee’s favorite matcha place in NYC. Great minds think alike I guess.

My go-to order is the Indigo Glow and it is heaven on earth. 


Best Nitro Cold Brew in NYC

Remember when I mentioned that perfect nitro cold brew? Well here is where to get it.

I order the nitro cold brew with oat milk and it literally tastes like ice cream.

And watching them pour it on tap is the perfect snap for your insta story.

They also have yum iced lattes if that’s more your cup of tea. Or should I say cup of coffee… LOL.


Vegan Cafe in SOHO

Let me start by saying this: they have bathrooms for customers. Boom, sold.

But what I really love about this place is the fact that they only offer vegan options.

It’s in the perfect location as well so you can watch the people of SOHO while enjoying your yum latte.

They make a killer vanilla latte with dates and oat milk and they have a whole wall of juices for your inner green juice girl.

It’s also my favorite coffee shop to just hang around in and get some articles up.


If Gwyneth Paltrow was a place, this would be it.

Need I say more?

Brodo carefully crafts their broths and it’s great for your gut. So if your feeling a little yuck and need some rejuvenation, I suggest a cup of broth from here.

Cuddle up and take a sip, your body will love you. And miss Gwyneth would be very proud.


Best Green Juice in NYC

Last, but certainly not least, my go-to green juice shop.

Joe and the Juice offer the most yum smoothies and juices, and I always make sure to hit them up when I’m in NYC. They have locations scattered around the city so wherever you are you won’t be far from one. 

And there you go, some go-to it girl spots that will make your body, mind, and Instagram follows oh so happy. And whatever you go, make sure you recycle that cup.

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