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I went out for a nice father-daughter date with my dad the other day and when we got dinner at Catch I was like, OMG I have to tell TIGG what to get from here.

Catch LA

Catch LA is a “slick, rooftop space known for celebrity sightings, creative seafood-focused food & cocktails.” And it's definitely one of my and my dad’s favorite dinner places.

Trendy LA Restaurant

So if you are looking for a trendy place or you have a reservation and don’t know what to get, here is the 411.

Keep in mind I’m plant-based, so I obviously can’t tell you how amazing the steak is but like, save the animals, duh. So no questions about that because honestly, who still eats meat in LA?

The vibe of Catch itself is something to go for. They have a rooftop view, but I prefer the inside. It's perfectly lit, and I love the trees they have inside. It's super cute and trendy but not superficial. It's really cozy and just has a great ambiance

Best Arnold Palmer in LA

Starting off as someone who doesn’t drink alcohol, one of my go-to drinks is an Arnold Palmer.

And usually, they all taste the same or on a similar spectrum, and I never really had an extraordinary life-changing Arnold Palmer. I mean, it's literally lemonade and iced tea, like nothing crazy. But holy moly, Catch makes the most amazing delicious fantastic superb Arnold Palmer.

Like it's literally life-changing. I actually crave it. I’m always the first one to blurt out my drink here, and it's always an Arnold Palmer. Theirs is almost sparkling, and it's the perfect balance of sweet and tart, it's heavenly. 

Now for the food. When I go to Catch, I usually have the four staples that I always eat or always order. And it's basically just the plant-based items, but I’ve figured out my favorites and how I like them prepared.

Veggie Roll

First off, veggie roll. (RATE: 9/10)

I’ve had a million veggie rolls, and while this one isn't anything that different or surprising, it is so good.

It has some sauce on the top that really ties all the veggies in, and it's a great texture.

It's also super refreshing, and I love that. They wrap the roll in rice paper, and I think that’s what makes this dish really stand out and taste oh so yummy.

Truffle Fries

Next up, truffle fries. (RATE: 9/10)

I’m a big french fries girl.

I love them so much and could eat them at every single restaurant.

But I am picky about how I like them.

I like the thin, a little crispy, and with fresh parmesan and parsley. Hey, I know what I like. But that's also the best way to have it.

And it's not like some crazy request; if you go to a good restaurant, that's how they should be.

Honestly, I think the fries really tell you a lot about a restaurant.

But anyway, my heart was so happy at Catch because that is literally exactly how they prepare their fries. Ugh, heart eyes. And on top of that, they are truffle fries that come with a VEGAN TRUFFLE AIOLI. 

But hear me out, I like truffle, but I’m not a truffle girl, and the taste can get really strong and overwhelming really fast.

I’m not one to pass up truffle fries, but they have to be done right.

Luckily the staff at Catch is heavenly, and they always make my fries with light truffle when I ask for it, and you should too.

It was originally one of the waiters who told me that I could get less truffle when I explained my palette and I was like, yes, please!

Now let me tell you, ordering light truffle was PERFECT.

It was the absolute most perfect balance of truffle and they were some of the best fries in the world. Plus they don’t skimp out on portions so one order is more than plenty. And the aioli that I was telling you about earlier also has the most perfect touch of truffle. Neither items are overpowering at all. But on that note, if you are a die-hard truffle lover then by all means get as much as you want.

Brussel Sprouts

Now for the veggies, Brussel sprouts. (RATE: 7/10)

I love Brussel sprouts. I am a die-hard Brussel sprouts fan and I don’t care what anyone says.

Like if you don’t like Brussel sprouts, grow up.

I don’t even know why they have such a bad rap, they are so good.

Catch LA makes like some miso thing and it's really good.

Here’s the thing: my dad loved them. He said they are one of his favorites. And I don’t disagree, they are really good and I would definitely suggest ordering them. I’ve just eaten so many Brussel sprouts that I have really really high expectations, so they aren’t my number one. But don’t get me wrong, they are delicious and one of my favs as well, but so far my favs come from the Pelican Hill in the OC.

Crispy Cauliflower

A classic and must-order, crispy cauliflower. (RATE: 9.5)

Cauliflower can be so delicious when done right. And let me tell you, Catch does them right.

They are one of my favorite things on the menu and a MUST ORDER.

They are sweet and crispy and almost like tempura kinda thing. I honestly couldn’t tell you, but just know they are super good and super flavorful. My mouth is actually watering just writing about them. They are one of those foods where you’re like, I don’t even know what to tell you other than it's heavenly and you will love it.

Lobster Mac 'n Cheese

Up next, lobster mac ‘n cheese. (RATE: 8.5/10)

I ordered these for my dad so I couldn’t personally tell you how good they were but my dad says they were yummy. LOL, that’s all I got for this one.

Hit Me Cake

And the insta-famous, hit me cake. (RATE: 9/10)

You have obviously seen your favorite LA influencer ordering the Hit Me Cake where you hit the top with your spoon and all the chocolate pours over the cake.

And Romee Strijd even says this cake is her favorite cheat meal.

I personally give it an 8 because I’m not a huge chocolate fan, but my dad loved it and gave it a 10 so I just averaged the rating to a 9. If you are a chocolate lover or just a dessert lover in general, you will probably love this cake. I usually go for something more refreshing as a dessert, and I’m not really a chocolate person so that's why I didn’t rate this so high. But it was still a crazy good dessert with an even crazier presentation. I mean, the performance itself is worth ordering it.


And you know I had to get a coffee. (RATE: 10/10)

So I ordered an iced latte with oat milk to drink with my dessert and OMG.

I didn’t have any expectations and I originally ordered it because my dad got a coffee so I was like whatever I’ll just get one too. And the fact that they had oat milk was good enough for me.

But holy moly when I say this is one of my favorite lattes I’ve ever had. I love an iced latte that doesn’t need sweetener and it's good enough on its own, but rarely can a coffee shop do that for me. But this was so creamy and the perfect balance of milk and espresso, UGH I love!

If they had a coffee shop I would be their best customer. 

So overall, you can see that this place gets pretty much five stars all over, and it's definitely an it-girl place. Now you just got to get a reservation.

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