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Micro shorts are a yes right now, but if you are going to wear them, wear them right.

These super hot Saint Laurent shorts are the perfect vibe for a night out, and when styled correctly the look can be just perfect.

Paired with the shorts is an off-the-shoulder long black sleeve shirt. It has that sheer-ish fabric but nothing is see-through and the sleeves are super long so they look flattering and great with your nails done holding a martini glass (or a water glass, no shame here). Both these pieces elongate your limbs when paired together and although it might be deemed casual, that's when we bring in the shoes and black eyeliner.

This look is elevated with some sling-backs, and these pointed ones are everything. You could also style this outfit with some knee-high pointed boots, but I like the sling-backs because it doesn't break up your long legs, it just finishes them off with a perfect bow, or in this case, silver buckles.

This look definitely needs a bag, and while I almost went with a big hobo bag - a black shoulder bag just felt right. I was looking for a Chanel shape but from an edgier brand, and this Zadig&Voltaire clutch is perfect. Wear it as a shoulder bag and the look has just been perfected.

The last step I took to make sure this outfit was the look of the night was to dazzle her up with gold jewelry. A long thin necklace is great for an all black top and the big gold hoops really just tie everything together and bring the attention back up to your face. You could definitely add some rings or even switch everything to silver if you are more of a moon girl.

And since we brought the attention back to your face, a smokey eye is everything. Some smudged black liner on a soft base and you are perfect. You can style your hair straight or curly, just as long as it is left down and you feel confident in it.

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