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You know I had to chat with my girl Agnes (better known as diordaddy on Twitter) for the ultimate French it-girl interview since she is the epitome of that. She always is cooking the most gorgeous, delicious-looking food and always serves timeless and effortless looks. Today, we talk about a guide to Paris, from cafes to linen dresses, and we let you know that one watch is out, and you need to be wearing two at a time.

You are my Paris queen; what is your favorite restaurant or cafe

Hahaha omg okay that’s honestly really difficult, I’m always down to try new places so I try and not repeat going to the same places too often. However, my favorite restaurant is probably La Méditerranée or Ralph’s. Both not typical French cuisine lol, but as a pescatarian, typical French cuisine isn’t honestly my thing. As for cafes, it’s difficult because I’m still on the hunt for the best iced coffee in paris and typical cafes don’t always have that. Generally, though my top 3 cafe-ish places would be Wild & the Moon, Soho House, and Season, I know there’s more I just can’t think of right now.

You make the prettiest and yummiest food; what is a current go-to recipe you could share with the girls?

Omg thank you ☺️. I’ll share a breakfast and dinner option hehehe but for breakfast right now I love omelettes so I usually have a mushroom, onion, and chive omelette with a slice of rye sourdough from my favorite boulangerie. As for dinner, it’s my favorite thing to cook, so I could eat it every day, but oven-roasted salmon coated in dijon, dill, and some chopped walnuts. Then on the side, I’ll make a kale and arugula salad with a Dijon yogurt dressing and add some micro greens and pumpkin seeds to that, and that is a perfect meal in my eyes.

Where are your favorite places to shop?

I feel like I rarely shop these days, but long-time favorites include are Brandy, Skims, Celine, Levis, Aritiza, and recent additions, the Frankie Shop, Kith, and always Vinted.

Who are your fashion icons, and where do you get inspo from?

This is so basic, and I’m sure anyone who knows me saw it coming, but Kaia Gerber is honestly my go-to style icon at the moment and probably will be forever. Her style is super simple but still elevated past a level of basic, and she looks amazing all the time, obviously. So she’s definitely someone I always try and emulate because I’m more so on the ‘basic’ and ‘classic’ side of the style spectrum, and I rarely go for crazy out-there styles. Some other people I always find inspo from are Orion Carloto, Emily Oberg, @themillenialdecorator, some of my friends, and of course, my sister.

For the girls who are visiting Paris this summer, what outfit suggestion would you give her?

Linen Dress 100%. As I learned last year, it gets so so hot, and because there’s not a crazy amount of airflow through the city, it feels even hotter than it is. So if possible, pair your favorite sandals or white sneaker with white linen dress. Shorts are out, and you definitely don’t want to be caught in any basic sneakers, so find one that suits your style, or go for the classic, a ballet flat.

This question is purely based on your recent comment about being back on your yogurt bowl grind; how do you like to top your yogurt? And a side question - are you team dairy or vegan yogurt?

I love a good yogurt bowl, and as soon as the seasons turn from winter to spring, I’m back to the yogurt bowl as breakfast, so for the moment, my go-to is this delicious Swiss milk lactose-free yogurt from my bio shop, paired with homemade chia seed jam, blueberries, pumpkin seeds, and if I’m craving some extra sweetness my favorite german honey.
I am indifferent to the type of yogurt, to an extent, because my go-to is lactose-free yogurt, so I don’t know if that falls in the dairy or vegan category. Sadly, we don’t get Cocojune or Coconut Cult yogurts in Paris, or else I would 100% be choosing those; I’m already counting down the days till I’m visiting my family in the US so I can go crazy at the grocery shop. I had a phase where I loved Siggis Skyr Greek Yogurt, but in the end it really f****d with my skin, and I’m still seeing the negative effects of it to this day, so definitely no to the full dairy.

What’s currently on your dream wishlist?

Too many things; number one right now is a vintage Kelly bag, to be honest. I’ve seen some really nice ones at my favorite vintage designer shops, and I might just save up for it. I’ve been searching for a new bag since my birthday, and now that I’m doing an internship, I definitely want one that’s slightly bigger than any in my current collection. However, in slightly more realistic terms, my wishlist in short, Bottega Veneta Sardinia bag in Maaroon, Tom Ford Jasmine Rouge, Gucci Jackie in Green, a new watch, and too many new vintage shoes including Dior kitten heels in baby pink, Brown Chanel Loafers, Chanel Flats in forest green, and Manolo Kitten Heels.

Lastly, how would you style the simple and ever-so-chic, white tee?

It would definitely depend on which season I’m styling it for because, in my eyes, you can and should be wearing white tees every season. However, since we’re entering spring-summer now, I would pair my favorite white tee, either from Brandy Melville or Skims, with a classic oversized pair of Levi 501s. For the shoes, I’d go with my white sambas or the classic black Chanel flat (if it’s for a night out though, pair it with my favorite Manolos). Then, the most important part, accessories, so I’ll pair the look with my go-to Hermes and Bulova watch (I love wearing two watches, don’t judge me), a gold bracelet, 2-3 gold rings, and favorite pair of sunglasses, and with this look, I’d match the color of the shoes to the sunglasses and bag, so most likely black Celine sunglasses, and my Ferragamo bag. As for the coat, I’m currently obsessed with my mother's oversized Burberry trench that I took from her, so I will definitely be wearing that, but I hope soon enough it’s warm enough out that I won’t be needing that.

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