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There is nothing like walking around town in the perfect summer dress. Head down to your favorite coffee shop, grab an iced drink, and make all heads turn. You will be the most confident and hottest girl in the room with the perfect dress and favorite accessories.

So many dresses are on the market, but it might be impossible to find the right ones. So I put together my favorite and most-it girl-worthy summer dresses.

Hopefully, you will scroll down and find the perfect dress for you, and if not, then maybe you will at least have an understanding of the direction you want to go in.

Stephanie Paradiso from Réalisation Par

I absolutely adore this dress and this brand in general. Whether or not you love this dress, I guarantee if you just scroll on their website, you will 100% find something you love. And honestly, I think every it girl has at least one dress from Réalisation in their closet. I know Emily Ratakjwoski does, and I definitely do too. So hop on this train if you haven't yet, and you will thank me.

The Devon Flower Power Bustier Dress from Réalisation Par

See, I told you I love this brand. This dress is also super cute and super flattering if you want something with more shape. Plus, who doesn't love a good mini dress?

Annika Dress from Rat and Boa

I feel like this dress is perfect for those nice dinners you go on while on vacation. I'm picturing staying at Nobu Los Cabos and throwing this dress on for a fancy dinner after laying in the sun all day. Talk about looking cute from day to night.

Jackson Mini Dress from For Love and Lemons

You can never own too many little white dressed. This one, when styled correctly, is super cute. I love this loafer look shown in the picture, and I would wear that or some cowboy boots.

Tube Dress from Djerf Avenue

How. Freaking. Cute. I love a good strapless moment, and I feel like this is the perfect summer dress for when you roll out of bed, throw it on, and have your fresh bread and jam while sitting in the French countryside. See the picture?

The Pointelle Knit Dress from Marc Jacobs

If you don't get this dress right now when it's 40% off, I won't get it later. I'm not 100% sure if it's worth the investment because there are many other options I'd put before this one. Nonetheless, it's still a super cute dress and great for throwing on and heading out the door knowing you look super hot, and it took no thinking.

Maria in Leite from Mirror Palais

Remeber how I said there are other dresses I'd invest in before the Marc Jacobs one? Well, this is one of those dresses. You cannot tell me this isn't the most stunning dress ever. The whole brand itself is a vibe, and its aesthetic is everything. But I love the detail and the fit and the fa=bric and the shape and pretty much everything about it.

Soft Lounge Long Slip Dress from Skims

A classic staple black dress that's great for lounging in but also great for running out to grab a coffee. Plus, it could 1000% be worn all year round. Just switch up the accessories and boom. That's what I call a closet staple.

Brown Red Stripes Simi Dress from Gimaguas

You cannot tell me that this wouldn't be so cute for a summer trip to Europe. Like I could only dream of walking around the coast of Italy wearing this dress and eating gelato. In fact, I'm manifesting that right now.

Pacey Dress from Reformation

Summer in the Hamptons. That's it. That's all I'm saying.

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