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All these parties and all these friends mean so many gifts to buy, and it can get quite overwhelming and super expensive really quickly. So per request, I wanted to provide a simple guide on some gifts you can get for your girls to make them feel special and like a total it-girl.

black and silver sunglasses

If your friend is a Diesel, Amelia Grey, Bella Hadid, model at fashion week, girl: then this is the gift for her. She will love you forever and look cute every time she leaves the house.

y2k sunglasses

These are definitely for the star-loving, low-rise jeans, Paris Hilton, it-girl bestie of yours. I haven't seen a lot of people in these so your friend will love them because it's thoughtful and curated for her. Plus you can be wearing pajamas and once you throw these on it's a total early 2000s look.

light pink iphone case

This is for your pink Goyard tote bag girlfriend. She loves an iced latte with oat milk or a matcha and she always has the perfect long soft nude nails. She loves Replica perfumes and she is a total sweetheart.

gold chain bracelet set

Gold jewelry is always a great gift and these bracelets look good on everyone and match every outfit. Plus you can mix and match them.

star bracelet

This look might be more up your friend's alley, and it is so cute. It's giving Cartier, but a younger, more fun, and hot version.

white shoulder bag

It's giving Prada and I love it! You can go wrong gifting this because it's a cute bag and will match every outfit.

ice roller

This is a fun gift for a skincare-loving, green-juice girl. It feels so nice on your face and it gives you a snatched and smooth finish. Plus it's great for you (or her). And it's pink!

cute candle

For the fun and colorful bestie, this is such a great gift. It's so cute and adds such a fun touch to every room.

card ashtray

Is this not the cutest thing? And it can be versatile, it doesn't have to be an ashtray, it could just be a super cute piece on your table. Maybe put matches in it or something.

cherry bath mat

This is $5 over budget, but it was just too cute to not include. It's a fun and thoughtful gift, especially for your friend who lives alone or with you!

slouchy socks

I know before if you got socks for Christmas, it was the worst thing in the world, but these are just perfect! If she has Uggs you have to get these for her.

And those are my suggestions! I hope you found something your friend might like, and if you need some ideas for you, I have those articles already up!

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