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I went to lunch with my girlfriends yesterday, and my queen Lauren asked what she should wear this summer. I jokingly said you could check TIGG, but then I realized that she should totally be able to check TIGG for that info!! So while I will 100% be sharing some outfit inspo, stores, and lookbooks, later on, I thought, why not start with giving you a basic outline of how to dress this summer. And while some of it might be common sense, it's a good way to check your closet and see what staples you have or need to get. Because I get it, sometimes dressing in the summer is hard. It's so hot, and you keep going back to those jean shorts and either an oversized Sublime shirt or a Brandy Melville top from 2019. So this article is great if you're looking for some super quick new staples that you can resort to and look like the ultimate it-girl this summer without even trying. Oh, and thanks to Lauren for being my supportive queen, this one's for you, MWAH.

First up, let's talk about denim shorts. I love a jean short, like don't think I was hating on them earlier because they are 100% a closet staple. It's just all about the way you style them! And if you like wearing them as I mentioned earlier, then you do you, I just want to give you some super easy ways to expand the way you style them.

The quickest and easiest outfit with jean shorts would be with a wife-beater, a vintage zip-up jacket (Abercrombie, Juicy Couture, etc), lots of accessories, and either cowboy boots, chunky sandals, or dad sneakers. See how easy that was?

Now if you really wanna elevate your jean short looks, upgrade to Bermuda shorts. They are so ugly they are so hot! Bella Hadid is a fan of them and I am too. You can style them the exact same way I mentioned above, or you could pair them with a tank top and crochet off-the-shoulder long sleeves (which you could even DIY). And feel free to add a pair of big tinted sunglasses or small black ones.

Staying in the shorts category, they don't have to be denim. In fact, there are so many cute shorts out there that aren't denim, yet people seem to always overlook them, and IDK why. I think a pair of tight but stretchy, colorful, striped shorts are the move! Pair them with a baby tee and you have the more effortless but trendy look. Add a pair of cowboy boots or a chunky sneaker and BOOM. I love the shorts from Gimaguas, they are literally perfect for this look. You could also pair them with a tank top that has a matching color and then tie a jacket around your neck. So cute.

And if shorts aren't really your thing but you still want to show some skin, mini skirts are your best friend. In fact, you can never go wrong with mini skirts.

If you are looking for a new fit to wear to the beach, here is exactly what I would do. First, throw on your favorite bikini (preferably from Frankies) and make sure the strings on the bottoms are thin. Then add your tiniest denim mini skirts (because skirts should be the size of a belt) and pull up the bikini bottom straps out from the skirt so you can see them. It's giving Y2K is it not? Now add a wife beater that you cropped yourself, bonus points if you can see the outline of the pink bikini top. Throw on some platform flip-flops or Simon Miller bubble clogs and tada! Accessorize as you please and I encourage adding a tote and picking up a smoothie on your way.

You can even wear this fit without needing to go to the beach. Ditch the bikini and trade the flip-flops for knee-high boots and the tote for a shoulder bag. And if you aren't loving the transparency of the white beater feel free to switch it out for a baby tee.

And if you want to show less skin, trade the mini skirt for a midi skirt! I'm a proud lover of both. However, midi skirts can get flowy so I would suggest either wearing a tight top with a flowy skirt or a looser top with a more skin-tight skirt.

And when it comes to midi skirts, tube tops and baby tees are your best friend. You could go for a monochrome look with a matching tube top and flowy-ish midi skirt, or play with graphics with a casual and funky baby tee with a simple tight midi skirt. Oh and feel free to go with a maxi skirt too, those are also great when styled properly.

And on that note: tube tops! Tube tops are definitely the move this summer and they are so versatile! Dress them up or dress them down and you can pretty much pair them with anything. Here are some simple ideas that you can keep in the back of your mind when you don't know what to wear:

  • tube top with baggy cargo pants, Adidas sneakers, slick back hair, chunky earrings
  • matching tube top and maxi skirt with platform sandals, flowy hair with a small braid, Balenciaga city bag, and your favorite pair of sunglasses
  • tube top with Bermuda shorts, tote bag, your favorite pair of shoes, and endless accessorizing options... oh and this look definitely needs an iced coffee in hand.
  • tube top, cargo mini skirt, knee-high boots, and a shoulder bag
  • a tube top with flare leggings are a super easy and simple fit perfect for running errands or catching up with your girlfriends. It screams effortlessly hot.
  • lastly, a tight tube top with your baggiest pair of low rise jeans, a baseball hat, your favorite shoulder bag, and a bunch of small bracelets

If that didn't convince you that you needed a tube top like yesterday, then IDK what will. Oh and don't worry, I wouldn't leave you hanging like that. The most perfect and cutest tube tops you can find are from Djerf Avenue. They have a bunch of colors and they fit perfectly, miss Matilda knows what she's doing.

You might be thinking, "well I don't want to have to think about what matches this summer, I need something to throw on and go," then that's where these two pieces come in.

A flowy dress or overalls will be your savior this summer. Just grab and go! You only need one pair of really good overalls and just throw on a bikini or baby tee underneath and you are good to go.

As for a summer dress, the options are endless. You could go short you could go long you could go tight you could go flowly blah blah blah. Whether it be a vintage short and silky slip dress or a long tight one from Skims, you only have to throw on one thing. Personally, I prefer a flowy summer dress, it's just so angelic and feminine. I feel like I want to just frolic around in a field of flowers or hit up a farmers market and grab a coffee with my besties.

And when it comes to styling a dress, you could do pretty much anything. I think for a shorter summer dress a pair of cowboy boots, sunglasses, and a small vintage purse is all you need. For a long dress, I would add more jewelry and wear either a chunky sandal or flip-flop. And you can pair it with either a big or small purse.

Well, there you have it, babes. I hope you can have some ideas now for what you can wear this summer. It's my favorite season to dress for because the possibilities are endless! But like everyone else, there are days when I have to get dressed and everything I thought I knew just goes right out the window. So I know I will definitely be coming back to this article when I need to know how to style something. Plus now when you go looking for a new summer wardrobe, you should have an idea of some basics you need! Anyways, I hope this helped (you guys and Lauren). Stay tuned for some more summer outfit inspo!

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