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I just got a DM from one of you TIGG girls asking what she should wear to a wedding, and I was so excited to help because I love weddings and I love getting dressed up for weddings because I have curated my favorite dresses that I want to wear. And originally, I was just going to help this bestie. Still, I figured there are probably some more girls out there who have no idea what to wear to weddings, so I turned this question into an article so anyone can come back to it for inspo.

... plus I can get into more detail here than in a DM.

It's a great list of some dresses to wear to your next wedding, or maybe you might just want a dress for an event or even a brunch (who knows, you do you).

I will also split this article into four sections, determined by the seasons. Because I love a floral dress for a spring wedding, but I love a darker shade dress for a winter wedding.

This is a requested article for a fall wedding, so I will start there.

Side note: 99% of these dresses are from Reformation, and I got you TIGG girls a link for free worldwide shipping on all orders !!! <3

And in case you want to check out more, you can find The Reformation Summer Wedding Collection there.

what to wear to a wedding in the fall

Fall weddings are the perfect time to break out burgundy and long-sleeve dresses. I love a dark slip dress or a chic long sleeve knit dress that looks super classy. But it isn't always cold enough for a dress like that (especially if you live in this California heat wave right now). So this is also a time where you can still play with the more autumn colors but still keep it breezy and maybe even short. I also love a fall wedding because you can play with the shoe options and maybe reach for a classy boot or closed-toe shoe.

what to wear to a wedding in the winter

Winter weddings are perfect because you can play with dark and light colors. I love wearing dark green or red, but I also love wearing light blue. Choosing whether you should wear a dark or light-colored dress this season depends on the theme of the wedding. If you aren't sure what the vibe will be, try matching it to the invitation. Usually, you will get a good feel of the colors and formality. And similar to a fall wedding, you can still wear closed-toe shoes. (side note: the last dress is great for winter because you can pair it with a jacket so when you are outside, you can stay warm and take it off inside).

what to wear to a wedding in the spring

When it comes to weddings, spring ones are my favorite to get dressed for. I love the flowers and the pastels that come with a spring wedding. The dresses you get for this wedding are also great for a fancy easter party or if you want to be the best dressed at a family brunch. Ok, wait, I'm getting off-topic. But when I think of a spring wedding, I picture bows and feminine dresses with flowers and flowy-ness. For this time of year, I would wear a more neutral and dainty heel, something super strappy or minimal.

what to wear to a wedding in the summer

The trick to picking out a dress for a summer wedding is to make sure the fabric is breathable, and you won't be sweating the entire time because who wants that? This is also when you can play with brighter colors such as pink. You can also opt for a shorter dress but still keep it classy. And if it's an early September wedding, you might even be able to touch into the fall colors or fall dresses. My favorite thing with summer weddings is that you can opt for bold shoes. Picture Nicola Peltz at the Met; I want pinks and platforms.

honorable mentions

These next few suggestions are for my girls who want to up their game a little bit. They aren't as simple as my other suggestions, so it's perfect if you want to stand out and have a dress like no other.

wedding guest dresses under $100

And for my girls on a budget, I wanted to throw in three super affordable dresses. These are also pretty versatile, so it is a one-and-done thing. However, the dresses above are more sustainable and made with recycled fabric, which I love because it encourages slow fashion and sustainable pieces. Plus, you can mix and match them for future events. But on that note, I do love a chic dress that looks expensive but isn't, so of course, I had to include them.

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