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hello world!

Let me start off my giving you guys a lil backstory. I don’t eat meat, I’ve been plant based for like three or fours year now but my dad is an avid meat eater (sigh, I know I’m working on him). Him and I are the NYC duo and we have high expectations each time. When it comes to dining, my standards are high, and there are three requirements for a restaurant to be TIGG approved:

  1. Must have great food: if I’m going to go to a restaurant, the food has to be good. End of story. I love to cook and I love the food I make, so why would I go out and spend money for something less that what I can do? But on that note, I love restaurants and I love going out to eat so I’ve picked up a talent for discovering good food. And no restaurant comes without research. And a menu check. 
  2. Must have a great atmosphere, and bonus points if there is great people: no ugly restaurants. Period. I’ve been to my share of ugly restaurants and none of them make you feel good or feel like an it-girl. Now I understand that sometimes the best food can come from those broken down places on the corner, and sure I’m not arguing with you. But I’m going to call Miu Miu and it-girl store before I call Goodwill one, ya know? Even though I like both and go to both, one hits all three points while the other doesn’t, ya know?
  3. Must be photo worthy: I love table shots. Like every time someone posts it, I love it. And who doesn’t want to get a killer pic at the restaurant? So if the food looks appealing and the lighting is good and the table set up is cute, you get the perfect shot. 

Anyways, let’s get back to the article. 

I recently went to Ruby’s (not the shooby dooby one) to check it out and see if it meets my three it girl requirements, and I think it did. 

Ruby’s basically has three options you should order on the menu, and they are all great. A pasta, a bowl, or a burger. 

And I’m not one to order a veggie burger, just because they have never been my thing and they either always taste to fake or to real. But I was five seconds away from ordering one here because the burgers at this place just look and feel so good. 

But I remembered that a veggie burger isn’t the same as a real burger so I didn’t order it, but I might next time just to let you guys know if it is any good. Or if any of you girls tried it, let me know what you thought!

Anyways, my dad ordered the burger and he is a BBQ dad with supposedly legendary burgers, so his expectations where very high. 


Long story short: he loved the burger. In fact he said he’s going to change his recipe to match this one because it was just that good. 

“The burger was moist but not greasy. Scrumptious in its texture and full of flavor for something that has such bland potential. Often burgers are so bland but this one was so full of flavor that I couldn’t stop eating it.” - PJ Haarsma. 

Oh and I tried the fries and they were also really good. All though we all know my fav fries are still from Catch LA. 

On top of that, the table was cute and the place was very cute. I loved the glowing neon  sign that read “Ruby’s.”

So in conclusion, if you are in NYC and looking for a great burger at a it-girl spot, Ruby’s is the place to go. 

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