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The average temperature in these upcoming months might be a bit chilly, but that never stopped us before. I mean, I think we're still young enough to play the looks-over-comfort game for a little bit longer - or at least until it bits us in the butt and we're walking home with blisters on our feet and Bottega heels in hand.

However, as a Californian, a skirt and sweater is the perfect fall look since it rarely drops below 75. But for my girls a little more east, this is the look to pair with some fleece-lined tights. A black sheer leg always works with a skirt. And the weirdest part about this look isn't the fact that you are wearing a skirt; it's the fact that you aren't. Because it's a skort. Now, normally, I never veer from a short skirt. And the best thing about mini skirts is that you can never go wrong when choosing one. It works with pretty much every look. Except for those moments when you don't want to have to think about showing a little bit more than you were planning on. And that's when the skort comes in.

But other than the fact that this skirt is also shorts, how cute is it! I love this little belt detail it has, and I am even more in love with the loose pleats. I was never a fan of those super straight and sharp pleated skirts; they were a little too "prep" for me, but this skirt - I mean skort - is just perfect.

Now, the sweater and dark red is where we bring the "fall" in the "a skirt in the fall." As you know by now, red is this season's color. And my favorite shade for fall is this dark, deep red, especially on these leather flats and baguette bag. As for the sweater, you can either shop in the men's section or just rummage through a guy's closet since that's usually their only asset. But a men's sweater normally has a baggier and boxier shape, which I love in oversized clothes - especially this COS sweater.

All these dark shades look so good together, especially when you want to match the grey city skies and cozy, warmly lit restaurants. Which is also perfectly complimented with a slightly sheer but totally moisturized burgundy lip. I love this Ultralip from Glossier because it's so soft and has the perfect amount of color.

Lastly, the cherry on top of this look is this gold chain belt. A subtle yet powerful accessory. It just slightly peaks out from your sweater and draws a bit of sparkle and attention to the skirt. And it compliments the gold details of your shoulder bag. It really is like the big bow wrapped around a Christmas present.

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