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Red Fashion Trends Fall Winter

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

That's the old-fashioned wedding tradition when it comes to getting ready.

But the fall-winter version of that goes more like something cozy, something black, something cashmere, something red. Or at least in my book. But today, we are focusing on the rising star - the color red.

Now, obviously, this isn't something new; someone has always thrown on a red lip for fall or worn a red sweater at a holiday party, but everyone is loving our girl red this year.

From Gucci to Miu Miu to TIGG - she's all the rage.

But she doesn't overpower the look. We aren't drowning in red; we just dip our toe into it. A pop of red here, a pop of red there, it's both the accent and the statement - that's why it's so fun.

So, if you need help figuring out how you can incorporate this gorgeous trend into your looks, or you are well aware of this red craze and are looking for new pieces - this is for you. Or you just like reading about sweaters and shoes and Samatha Jones - because that's why I'm here.

kate moss


By now, we are all well aware of the crew cardigan craze. And by now, we probably all own one. But do you own a red one? The red cardigan as a shirt with only two buttons actually buttoned is so hot. Or for a more effortless look - the Danni cardigan is great. The sweater itself is very Jenni Kayne, very Olsen twin, very fall-winter. And it's also the perfect shade of red.

red sweater
crew neck cardigan
red fashion trends fall

Clara Cashmere Crew Cardigan



A Red Makeup Look

REFY just dropped this red collection, and just in time. I love it when a makeup look is just one color, and the color being red is oh-so chic. You've probably seen these products used on TikTok, and you've probably thought to yourself I should get this. If so, this is your sign.

My favorite part is this take on a red lip. She's glossy, she's juicy, she's lined and cherry-coded, and with this new addition, she stays all day. Also, how sexy is that applicator?

red fashion trends fall
refy red makeup collection
REFY Red Collection, $70 | REFY


I saw Camille Rowe wearing red tights under a black mini-dress, and it hasn't left my mind since. So red tights, black mini dress, black cardigan, and black slingbacks. Styled with either effortless air-dried hair or a sleek Hailey Bieber bun. And if you're feeling fun, you could use the REFY red look for your makeup. How juicy is that?

red tights
red fashion trends fall

50 Denier Total Comfort Soft Touch Tights



Pointed Boots

Boots for fall and boots for winter. Nothing new, nothing originally, except when they are this bright red color. Which now seem to be perfect for the red fashion trends this fall. At first, when I saw these boots, I didn't think I liked them. However, when I imagined them with a black high-neck-no-sleeves-mini-dress, I knew they were necessary.

red pointy boots
red fashion trends fall

Jeffery Campbell Darlings Pointed Toe Knee High Boot



A Turtleneck

A staple. But now, it's a red staple. And here's some quick advice when it comes to turtleneck sweaters. There are only two ways to wear them and to look hot, and this is the big reason why some people look not cool, and some people do. Because I always felt so unchic in turtlenecks, but then I'd see other girls looking so hot, and I was really confused until I cracked the code.

how to look chic in a turtleneck

First off, gold hoop earrings must be worn. Either small chunky hoops or a reasonably sized big hoop. The only other option if you don't want a hoop is the Bottega Veneta drop earrings. Which is probably what I would reach for. But if you don't want to drop $1,350 on earrings (which why would you? Drop that on a bag. Earrings with that price tag should only ever be a gift to you), Amazon makes some super cute ones for $16.

Now that you have your earrings, here comes your hair, which is the most important part. But quick side note: if you have a bob, you have already won the turtleneck category because nothing is cuter in the fall than a turtleneck with a bob. But if you have long hair - you have two options.

it-girl fall/winter hairstyles

The first one is a slick back bun. A Hailey Bieber bun, if you will. But you make the bun spikey or parted on the side or down the middle, or really; it doesn't even have to be slick back; it could have some bumps and be more natural; you get the point.

For the girls who don't like their hair up, the second option is for you - and it is the only other acceptable turtleneck option. Your hair is down; it doesn't matter if it's straight or curly or style or airdry; it just HAS to be tucked into the turtleneck. NO QUESTIONS. Add some volume to the top with your fingertips, and if you have face-framing pieces, you can pull those out, but that's it. Hair is tucked into the turtleneck. It is one of the two only ways to look chic in a turtleneck. And both options are paired with the earrings.

I rest my case and will take no further questions. Thank you.

red turtleneck
red fashion trends fall
Chunky Knit Sweater with High Neck in Red, $45 | ASOS

The Claw

A messy updo with a big hair clip thrives in the fall and winter. There's just something about it when worn with boots and a sweater that makes me so happy. Whether you are off to a cozy coffee shop to escape the cold or you're just sitting by the fire - you always need a hair clip on hand. Which is also why it should be red. Because a pop of red is done best when it's subtle, and how much more subtle could you get? And at that point, what more could you need for red fashion trends this fall?

The Ballerinas

I know, I know, my obsession with these Ganni wide buckle flats is getting a bit out of control, but can you blame me? I'm in a relationship with the black ones, as we all know. I've written about them before and showed you how I wear them so you can understand my love and appreciation for them. That being said, you can only imagine my face when I found out they make them in red, which is perfect for red fashion trends this fall. Turns out they come in quite a few colors, but the black and red are just stunning. Gorgeous. I need them, and I need to never take them off.

These red ones are great for when you want to add a pop of color and edge to your outfit. They could be worn with a little black dress and a shoulder bag, or some really baggy jeans and a tank top. Or with pajamas. Or nothing. You can't go wrong.

On a less positive side, when I was shopping for these shoes, I realized I was on the Steve Madden website when I clicked on the image on Google, and I was really confused until I realized Steve Madden made the exact same pair. Like copied 100% - not even inspired by, full-on replicated. And my position is, if you want to get these shoes and you want to enjoy them, don't get the knockoff. Get the Ganni. So every time you look down at your feet, you feel good and continue strutting down the street instead of looking down at your Steve Madden rip-offs and thinking of what they could have been.

Now if you've already spent too much on shoes (don't worry, we've all been there) then these ballet flats might be more up your alley. My one suggestion for you if you buy them is to size up and don't wear them if you have white nail polish on your toes. But other than that, I love them and wear them all the time, and I think we should twin.

wide belt buckle ballerina flats
red fashion trends fall
Red Wide Welt Buckle Ballerinas,$395 | GANNI
red ballet flats
ballet flats amazon
red fashion trends fall
Women's Patent Ballet Flat, $26 | AMAZON

Knit Dress

We all know and love the iconic grey Carrie Bradshaw mini dress (you know, the one she's wearing with her Ray Bans and wild hair walking down the street when she sees the girls sitting in a restaurant, and she knocks on the window, and Samantha waves her in? Yea, that one). Well, this is like the red, more festive version. Her holiday version, if you will. But when you pair this with a black leather jacket and some black shoes, either slingbacks or knee-high boots, the dress becomes the pop of red. And then, you can enter the holiday party and remove your coat to reveal a banging hot look, sipping that champagne with so much confidence. Chic.

The Nails

We've said goodbye to soft pink nails, and we've entered the time of year of dark nails. I love this dark burgundy because I feel like a bright red nail is more of a summer look while a darker wine red is more of a classic, confident, color. Like a rich and decadent piece of chocolate. The perfect look-at-me piece.

dark red nail polish
red fashion trends fall
OPI Nail Polish, $12 | AMAZON

So there it is. Whether you wear a turtleneck or boots or just paint your nails, incorporating red is very easy, very simple, and very chic.

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