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Sky Haarsma

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After seeing Devon's recent Instagram posts I was totally digging that early 2000s look even more. And then when these Pangaia pants popped up on my feed, I knew it was fate. I wanted to make a look with a Paris Hilton vibe to it, but still keeping it comfy and casual. It's a look you can wear to get grocery's, go get coffee, hang out with friends, etc., etc., etc. I originally was feeling a tube top but then I thought this tank top gives more Devon vibes.

This look also features a hobo bag, which I'm predicting they will make a comeback this year, and it's not long until we see Bella Hadid with one over her shoulder. And if nobody else decides to be the first one to stray from their min bags, then I will, and it will be with this outfit. Plus a big bag complements this fit perfectly.

And speaking of bringing back old trends, I love these shoes so much. With the flare pants, they elongate the legs even more and they add a fun summer aspect as supposed to an Ugg or a sneaker. And now you can show off the first pedicure you have gotten since Covid started.

I chose this phone case because 1. pink and brown can do no wrong. 2. I love having just a small hint of prints in my outfits and this case was the perfect way to sneak some pattern in. And 3. you can't have a hot 2000s mom outfit and not include leopard print.

And finally, can we talk about these gorgeous Dior sunglasses?!?! I'm so obsessed and they totally elevate this look. They stay in theme and manage to add without overpowering, which was important for this look since I wanted to keep it minimal yet young and fun. I chose a sunglass with a warmer hue because this outfit doesn't have any cold tones to it, which is why it works. Look at that little lesson for you.

I think the one downfall to this lookbook is after making it I just had to purchase everything immediately. Oops.

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hello world!

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