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Sky Haarsma

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This top popped up on my feed and I loved it because it played on that Poster Girl look while totally serving summer vibes.

I knew I would want to wear it on a perfect summer day when my girlfriends and I are getting gossip with a side of smoothies.

Tube tops are def going to be a big thing this summer and I love the colors on this one.

I wanted to keep the bottom half of this look more relaxed, and these flare pants from Lonely Ghost are perfect. They look great on your body and are so comfortable. Plus it's Indy Blue’s brand and who doesn't love Indy? And of course, you can find all the links at the bottom of this article, durrrrr.

I love a simple gold hoop, but two is better than one so some double hoops would look great. The accessories really elevate the look but still keep it lowkey. Plus you could always add like a billion more necklaces and earrings and add your personality to it. I always recommend doing that.

If I saw someone walking by in this I would be like she's an icon and we have to be friends.

In fact, I could totally see Bella Hadid taking on Miami in this look.

And for all my long leg girls out there, high waisted flares will NEVER fail you.

Both the shoes and the bag are from The Real Real, because who doesn't love vintage designer? And I made sure to keep the shoes under $50 just for you. I was going to do the same with the bag, but this bag is too adorable to not include.

And for that smoothie try grabbing it in Malibu at Sunlife Organics, you’ll probably find Kaia Gerber there and she will most likely compliment this super cute look of yours.

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