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I recently saw Ruby Lyn wearing these sweatpants, and I knew I needed them immediately. I'm really into this shade of pink and green right now, so this outfit brings me oh so much joy. Picante also sells a matching green hoodie for the sweatpants, so feel free to go and grab yourself a matching set.

I love pairing green and pink together; I think it's such a fun and flirty color combo, so you know I had to make this. These slippers from Ugg are a great wait to add color to a comfortable outfit. Like you can't see me in a pair of bright pink slippers and say "uh her outfit is like uh so plain and boring..." like hello? I also love this white top from Skims; it fits your body so nicely, so it pairs well with baggy pants. You know, big pants, little top. And trust me, little miss Kimmy knew what she was doing with this clothing line. Like I need a separate section in my closet just for Skims. And I like this off-white color she did, it adds some contrast.

And can we please talk about these earrings! They are also iconic and literally say, LATER HATERS. Like are you kidding me? Insert Rihanna's quote, "You can beat me, but you cannot beat my outfit."

A fun and up-to-date outfit like this obviously has to be paired with angel numbers, so I included the cutest necklace ever. Feel free to stack on some of the gold jewelry you already have as well, or a Mon Cher Moi ring. Plus, this outfit is totally open to a bunch of accessories, like some cute sunglasses, a fun bag, etc. If you want a list of the hottest accessories ATM to elevate any outfit, I made an article on that all ready for you. See girlfriend, I gotchu!

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