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This is probably your it girl off duty starter kit. It's super classic and super well known.

I switched things up with jeans and went with a high waisted pair for my girls who love that snatched waist feeling. I'm personally more of a low waisted girl but I do love the occasional high waisted pair of jeans when I want my legs looking extra long.

The jeans are paired with the comfiest tees from Skims, except this shirt is their cropped one so it compliments said legs. I don't have a lot of shirts as short as this one but the proportions are really nice with these pants. Plus it will give a little peak of your abs, super cute.

And of course you need your staple gold necklace to wear with this. Because the shirt is so simple and fitted, you could pretty much pair any necklace with it. I just love this one from Tiffany and Co.

I really switched it up with these shoes. Normally I'm not a Golden Goose girl but I wanted to try something other than New Balance or Adidas.

This look needed a big bag to keep it less basic, and this tote from Goyard is to die for. I need it in every color, but you probably know that by now.

Sometimes I love a big bag because that means you can throw your entire skincare and makeup routine in there! However, I kept it simple with some essentials that you either own or need to own.

This hand cream is so chic and makes your hands so soft, I love it. Plus if you pull this bad boy out of your bag everyone will immediately know you are that girl.

Of course you should have your Dior lip oil! If you don't already own this product but have been looking for a sign to purchase it, this is it. Or if you are looking for a new it girl lipgloss, this is also it.

Lastly, I featured this foundation from Dior but feel free to either use your own favorite foundation or just your favorite makeup product if you aren't a foundation girl! Honestly, I'm not. Oops.

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hello world!

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