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I love simple looks, and I do have to say about 90% of my outfits are not colorful, which you will notice. My staples are blue jeans, white tees, tank tops, tube tops, and leather jackets, and it's always paired with my lived-in hair and iced coffee or matcha - depending on what looks better with my look. And I love a shoe that contrasts my look, so if I'm wearing a more feminine look, I like a boyish shoe, and if I'm wearing a more boyish look, I like a feminine shoe.

These looks are my style, so you find that you enjoy them and recreate them, or use them for inspiration and make them your own. If you like more color in your wardrobe, buy colorful pieces. If you have a more girly style, all of these looks will look great with a miniskirt and kitten heels.

Also, with these looks, everything can be mixed and matched. I'll switch around the pants or switch around the tops, and I still love each look. You could say that it's because most of the pieces you'll find me in are simple closet staples, and you would be right.

My final note is that all of these outfits can (and should) be paired with an edgy oversized leather jacket to really complete the Sky look.

This is a super comfortable and flattering look that I would wear to a coffee shop, shopping, or lunch with the girls in the city. It's definitely a fall/winter staple look for me, and you will catch me in this a lot this November and December. And if the weather ever drops below 75 degrees, I'll throw on my leather jacket. And if I want to be extra cozy (or if it's before 1 p.m.) I'll wear my Uggs. But no matter the weather - I'll still have an iced coffee in hand.

This is definitely an all-year-round look for me. I switch out the fabric and color of the tank top, and sometimes I'll reach for sneakers, but this is pretty much the look most of the time. I love low baggy jeans that are still flattering, and if not paired with a tank top I would go with a baby tee that's probably from Realisation Par.

A classic fall fit for a coffee run. I love sweaters, especially oversized but flattering ones. I'll pair it with some boxer or boy shorts that you can't really see, and then add some edge with these buckle flats from Ganni that I'm obsessed with. And you know I'm here for a studded fall this season. Another variation that I might do of this look is an off the shoulder sweater (but just off one shoulder) and then with either my Uggs or some tall black boots. And I will say that I like 99% of my sweaters to either be black, grey, dark blue, or red.

This would be an all-year-round look for me but winter is normally the only time you can wear long sleeves and long pants in L.A.. Red has been my favorite color this year, so I love red pieces, but I would also wear this look with a black long sleeve or a thin knit black long sleeve that's oh so slightly see through (super subtle though that's the key). However, this red shirt is more of my casual version. The teen Jodie elevates this look to the next level, and you know I love my boots so duh. To take this day look to night, I'd add my - you guessed it - leather jacket. I'd also probably add some small black sunglasses now that I'm thinking about...

My final look, and she's a goodie. I'm obsessed with the round-neck cardigan (as we all are) this season, and this is how I style it. I only button the top two buttons and then wear a top that's the same color. Then I paired it with a denim mini skirt and some Adidas.

I can confidently say that I've figured out my personal style, and I know what I like and what I don't like. If you had to label it, I guess it would be considered a mix of 90s minimalism with model-off-duty and a mix of feminine and boyish pieces, but I just like to call this Sky's style.

When it comes to trends, remember that you don't have to follow every single one that comes your way because when you get so caught up in the trends, you lose who you are. Once you have your own personal style, watch the trends that come your way and just pick and choose what you like. You should be picking pieces that reflect your personal style more, not constantly trying to mask your confusion about what style you love with all these trends.

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