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Fall is officially here in less than two weeks, which means we should start switching over to our fall wardrobe. When it comes to a fall wardrobe, I love having my 5-10 basic staples that I can mix and match and restyle throughout the whole season. In case you feel like you were missing some, or you just want to see what mine are, here are the fall closet staples.

I love this little dress; it's giving French girl chic meet NYC. Like a Jane Birkin, Alexa Chung, Sex in the City episode crossover. It's super cute by itself or styled with a pair of tights and a headband. Plus it's a simple canvas so you can accessorize it to turn it into your style - super versatile. It's great for dinners or parties or just walks in the park, the total dress for fall.

You can never have enough sweaters. Actually, that's a lie, and I take that back because I think you can have enough sweaters. When you invest in sweaters from Khaite or the Row, you really only need 3-5, especially when they are a simple color and a timeless style. Quality over quantity. However, this sweater from Zara will do. It's a simple but necessary piece for fall. Pair it with some black denim and sneakers or a lacey slip dress and ballet flats for two perfect looks.

Boy short fall! Boy! Short! Fall! I was recently in Brandy Melville with my friend doing what I call styling shopping, where I just walk around a store and pull pieces and figure out how I would style them. It's one of my favorite activities but not the smartest because every time I end up creating my favorite outfit in my mind and convince myself that I need this piece of clothing. Even when I'm styling something I don't like. Ok, not the point, back to the boy shorts. Anyway, I was styling these black boy shorts and decided I needed them to wear with a black off-the-shoulder sweater and some mini Uggs or the Miu Miu biker boots (or any other black boot). But anyways, I knew I needed these shorts for fall and now I think you do too.

Not a day goes by when I don't think about these shoes. Specifically styled with some effortless jeans and like a sweater or something, with some cute sunglasses. Ugh, such a move. I love the feminine yet edgy vibe these shoes have and they could honestly be great for a witch costume this Halloween.

Everyone needs a black longsleeve for the fall. If you don't have one yet, I don't know what you have been wearing. It's simple, easy, and always works. Personally, I like my sleeves either too short or too long, and this shirt from Aritzia has nice long ones. I think they even have thumb holes.

Thin belts, thin sunglasses, or thick belts and thick sunglasses? 90s or 70s? Up to you.

I'm obsessed with black denim in the fall. It feels very chic and city girl. Very Khaite, very Olsen twin. But here's my thing when it comes to black jeans, I don't like them with baby tees. I know its weird, but there is something about that combo that I just hate. So I'll have my favorite baby tees and I'll have my favorite black jeans, they will just never see the light of day together.

Miu Miu biker boot dupe. The it-boot of fall. Right here. Love, TIGG.

Pair with a long-sleeved shirt, some messy hair, some smudged black eyeliner from the day before, and go strut to a cafe and get that pumpkin spice latte.

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