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With a new season comes a new wardrobe. But what should you include in that wardrobe? If you haven't been accumulating staples over the year (which I know I haven't), you might now be looking to create that perfect fall wardrobe.

But where do you start?

What are the first pieces you need?

Should I be buying turtlenecks or linen pants?

Who knows!?!

Oh, wait... I know! And I'm here to help.

I've gathered five pieces (all from Reformation) to help you create your fall wardrobe, and it's super convenient that they are all from the same store so that you will get one package and free shipping.

My favorite thing about these pieces is that they are timeless so they can be used for a long time, and you can build off them every year. I also love that these pieces make the perfect outfit when worn together or the perfect outfit when paired with something else. So you are getting your money's worth.

a vintage white tee

For this fall, I'm ditching the baby tee, and I have a great reason for it. I want a vintage white tee that you can layer underneath your sweater so it will still peak out from the top and maybe the bottom. This way, it's giving Jane Birkin and 90s it-girl. It says I'm effortlessly chic and look like a hot model without even showing skin. I'm going for the "I just threw this sweater on, and I look like a fashion icon without even trying."

This shirt is perfect for everything I just described, and on top of that, it is the comfiest shirt ever. It is so breathable and has such a relaxed fit. The best part is that it will look perfect with the following few products I share.

a loose and effortless brown sweater

Is this not the most perfect fall sweater? It's so simple and chic, which means it will go with everything and never go out of style. I also love this shade of brown, it's perfect for autumn, and I think this color will look amazing with blue jeans and black boots (see below). But on top of that, it's the perfect sweater to wear on top of your new vintage white tee because it shows just the right amount of that shirt underneath. Add some gold hoops and rings, and you have the perfect fall look.

I also love how versatile this sweater is. Got a dinner party? Throw it on a black slip midi skirt. Coffee run? It will look great with a comfy pair of pants from Skims and your black loafers. Taking some pics? Pair it with either a black mini skirt or an Isabel Marant Étoile skirt and knee-high boots.

high rise straight leg jeans

I know I said that I'm a low-rise girl, and I am, but I think these jeans are just perfect. Not only are they great jeans in general, but they are the perfect pair for the look I have described in this article. Tuck your vintage tee into them, throw on your brown cashmere sweater, pointy black boots, and BOOM. You are the ultimate fall it-girl. You better take a killer candid insta pic in this look, and you better tag @theitgirlguideofficial (I would LOVE to see your look).

black leather boots

An essential fall shoe. And something about these shoes is just so chic. They look classy and expensive; you will walk around telling everyone you know what you are talking about. I also love them because your new jeans will fall over the ankle perfectly and not look bulky. It will create the perfect illusion because your shoes look like they would be knee-high, but the jeans have no lines in them, so it just looks like you have the perfect pants and boots. But you could pair the jeans with loafers or the other it-girl Uggs. I love when a look works perfectly together and perfectly on its own.

sweater set

I've recently seen sweater sets hit the model-off-duty clan hard. Gigi Hadid and Elsa Hosk were seen wearing them, and we do when they do. They look classy and chic and take no effort because they are a matching set, so it's like a one-piece but really it's a two-piece. My favorite part about this set is the endless shoe options, which means you can dress this look up or down. It would look great with Uggs or with loafers or with the boots I mentioned above.

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