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Let me just start off by saying 3 things. Actually, more like 3 facts.

  1. Tube tops are THE top this summer, and honestly this spring also because the it girls just can't wait.
  2. I am a die-hard tube top fan so I have never been happier to see a shirt come back in style.
  3. Everyone looks good in tube tops, and better yet, everything looks good with a tube top.

That's it. Those are my 3 facts. And notice how I said facts? So you can't question whether tube tops are cute on you or not because I literally just said they are and I said those are facts. So like... check the facts. Oh, you did? Great, let's continue.

Now let me evaluate my facts.

Fact 1: Tube tops are THE top this summer... blah blah blah. They are! It might be because they look great with other current fashion trends or just because someone cool wore one and brought it back, I'm not too sure but they are here and they are hot. They will look so great in all their colors this summer by the beach or with a smoothie in hand. Plus I feel like I would be living my best life this summer if I spent the whole time in a tube top.

~~~quick side note: you either get exactly what I'm talking about...or you don't...because it girls only...duh~~~

Fact 2: I am a die-hard tube top fan... It's true. And it might be because of what I said earlier about how I live my best life in a tube top but IDK. Anyways, I always feel like such an it girl in a tube top and it might be because of that effortlessly cool and hot and perfect vibe they give, or because I feel like Paris Hilton. Not too sure, but either way, tube tops always win.

Fact 3: Everyone looks good in tube tops...everything looks good with a tube top. And I stand by that. Like when have you ever seen someone look bad in a tube top? That's right, you haven't. I end my case. And also, everything looks good with a tube top because of how versatile they are! You can dress it up with a blazer, pointy boots, and a matching maxi skirt for a night out, or pair them with a mini skirt and platform sandals for the perfect beach day look. I could honestly name like 100 ways to style a tube top off the top of my head, but first, we have to start with the basics.

So now that you are convinced you need a million tube tops (because you can never have too many), you are probably wondering where to get some cute ones. Well, say no more. Lucky for you, I'm always taking notes when I see a cute tube top, so I was able to round up some of my favs.

Starting off very strong with a classic and sturdy top from the one and only Djerf Avenue. They make their tube tops in a bunch of colors, but I included the blue one below. I love the relaxed fit of their tube tops because that is so hard to find in a tube top and the fact that they offer this is just *chef kiss*.

tube top from DJERF AVENUE in sky <3


They also offer the top in a striped print which is super cute. My personal fav is the pink one but that's just because pink is one of my favorite colors. I might have to grab it and give you all a review <3


tube top from DIESEL

Guys how cute is this top? Diesel is constantly raising the bar and making me more and more sad that I can't have every single item they make appear magically in my closet. How tragic. It's honestly giving a superhero vibe with the metal D, but I'm so here for it.

tube top from GIMAGUAS in blue/multi

And don't even get me started on how obsessed I am with Gimaguas. Everything they make screams summer and their whole aesthetic is 2DIE4. I could scroll through their Instagram for hours, but even worse, I could scroll on their website for hours just adding everything to my cart. Not only are Gimaguas amazing at making pretty much everything, but they are also extra creative and iconic when it comes to their tube tops. They offer quite a lot, and you can find previous styles on vintage clothing sites, such as the one above. However, they released a new drop for summer and there is a specific tube top that I had to include below.

tube top from GIMAGUAS in blue bella


How could you not fall in love right now? I actually need this top and I will do everything in my power to get it!


strapless sweater from REFORMATION in gossamer

This top is so simple yet elegant and a great basic. I would 100% wear it with some low baggy blue jeans and black platform sandals. Reformation also sells a really cute green tube top that's made with a super comfy fabric.

zenni tube top from INAMORATA in pink mosaic


This tube top is so perfect for a beach day in the summer or a pool day while on vacation. Its cropped so you can show your hot stomach and belly chain, and the coolest part is you can even get a matching bikini set to go with it!

And lastly I figured I would wrap this article up with the top featured in the cover image.


aloha boob tube from OMIGHTY in green

The fun part about this tube top is not only is it super comfy, but it has matching flare pants and the set comes in a bunch of colors. You can really live out your Y2K summer dreams in this one.

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