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I recently decided to try Set Active after strictly owning only Alo Yoga. I've seen both brands on social media and on the streets, so I knew I needed to support both. I wanted not only to decide if I liked Set Active but also to compare it to Alo because I often found myself wondering which it-girl brand was better. But that comparison will be in a separate article.

I ordered four different sets to get a good range of their styles, but I also ordered stuff that I knew I would wear.

Of course, I will tell you exactly what I ordered in case you see a photo of me in the sets and you like the cuts or styles. Because I, for one, know how annoying it is to find the exact style someone is wearing, and it is always impossible to get the exact shape when there are so many styles.

The most "basic" set I ordered was the Sculptflex® Box Cut Bra and Leggings in Onyx. If you have never ordered from Set Active and want a great staple, universal set, I suggest ordering this one. It is super flattering and it is super comfy. I was more of a stretchy fabric texture, not your typical lululemon legging, and I thought that was a fun change. It also seems to have some ribbing on the side which I'm not usually a fan of, but it worked well here. The box-cut bra was super flattering, and usually, I don't love that shape on me, but I absolutely loved this one. Everything was supported and comfy, and it made you look great. The fabric on these items makes them great for working out but even better for an off-duty running errands look.

The next leggings set I ordered was the Luxform® Scoopy Y Bra and Leggings in Coco. This set definitely had more of your typical workout fabric- that smooth and stretchy look. But these were crazy comfy. The leggings felt like butter, almost as if I was naked because the fabric was that soft. I attended a workout at the Ritz in this set, and the whole time, nothing moved or stretched, and I never had to adjust what I was wearing.

Another note about these leggings is that they look like they fit, whether you are short or tall. When I first opened the package, I noticed how short the pants were, and I thought I would have to be returning these, but when I put them on, they immediately stretched to be high-waisted and fell to my ankles. I'm 5'11, so finding leggings that do this naturally isn't always the easiest. But I'm assuming if you don't need them to stretch that much, they won't.

So, in summary, I would suggest the first set to start you off, and if you are looking for an everyday look that you can wear working out, around the house, or around town. But I would go for the second style if you want a set that you would mostly work out in but still want it to be super cute.

The third look I got was the Luxform® Racer V Bra and the Bike Shorts in Crema. These pieces were super flattering and super comfy. They are the Luxform® which means they have more of that buttery workout fabric, but I love that in my bike shorts. These pieces are great for working out or for an off-duty look. And this cream color wasn't see-through at all. I actually sized down in these shorts (I got a small in everything else and an extra small in these) just to see what would happen, and I thought they fit really nicely. I didn't notice a vast difference between the sizes, and I thought I could easily order either in the future, and both would feel nice.

The last look I got was the Sculptflex® Ribbed V Bra and Bike Shorts in Amethyst. I initially ordered these with spring in mind, and I am so glad I did because this is the perfect spring workout set. I love this shade of pink, and this set is also cute and comfy. However, in the future, I think I would reach for the Luxform style when it comes to bike shorts, just because I like that look more. But if I wanted a color that would only come in Sculptflex, I would have no problem ordering those because it is still a grand style. I also typically like my sports bras a little shorter than this one, but when I tried it on, it was super flattering and a lot shorter than I thought, so it worked out perfectly. It definitely doesn't have that tank top look which is great because I hate that look.

Overall, I really liked Set Active and would 100% order from them again. I love the little logo on all the tops, and these sets look super cute with some Uggs. I also thought the crewneck from here was really cute, and I definitely have my eye on them.

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