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I live for a chic coat. Live for it. So the second fall hits I scream in excitment to break them out. I feel like a kid about to get a hug from Santa. It's a warm embrace. A warm, fuzzy, hug that makes your smile so big you think this feeling will never go away, and for the rest of the day you float around remembering that cozy feeling. That's the love I have for a vintage Christian Dior fur coat. Or any of my other coats that I love dearly, for a mother could never choose a favorite child. Although one just might get mentioned a few more times than the rest.

But that warm fuzzy embrace doesn't have to just come from Santa or the smell of cookies, it can come from a soft textured oversized wool trench.

And the same way a winter feeling feels different from a fall feeling, that theory applies to coats. The action of throwing on your trench in London over your pajamas on a cold and rainy day is a different feeling than running out the door in NYC throwing your vintage leather jacket over your tank top and jeans. But oh how they are both so yummy.

Now, you might starved from this delicious taste of fur, wool, and leather (faux is more than acceptable in fact it's encouraged) but now is your chance to order the decadent chocolate cake off the menu. But in this case, we're reading the menu alla TIGG and ordering through our shopping carts, because sometimes that just feeds us more.

fur coat
carrie bradshaw coat
it girl coat
Steve Madden Apparel Emery Coat, $149 | AMAZON

The Fur Coat

The Carrie Bradshaw of coats. The chic, the French cigarette, the red nails, the drinks at a NYC bar, the fabulous. That's a fur coat. Styled at night over a slinky dress, kitten heels, and a clutch for a head-turning look.

The Wool Coat

The perfect coat for those moments when you want to look and feel chic but you still want to be undeniably comfortable. This is the Olsen twin of coats. I like to throw on a chic black wool coat over some pajamas, or silk pants if you want a look that looks like daytime clothes but still emulates the pajama pants.

black wool trench coat

Belted Double-faced Wool Coat



The Trench

The London look. She's a classic, an undeniable it-girl. Slightly more European, but can still be fun and fresh when not taken too seriously. I'm still talking about the coat by the way. I like a trench styled with a white crewneck, some slouchy pants, black sunglasses, and unstyled hair.

trench coat
it girl coat
fall/winter coat
Kensington Trench, $368 | REFORMATION
it girl trench coat
Long Fluide Trench Coat, $80 | ZARA

The Oversized Blazer

The oversized blazer can be a total it-girl look when worn properly. It needs to be styled with pieces that show off your personal style, rather than what you think it needs to be styled with - that's the key. And stay away from small chunky gold hoops when wearing an oversized blazer, now's your chance to reach for something else and it will look so much better, I promise you. I like a boxier men's shaped blazer but I do appreciate a women's one every once in a while. For. a daytime look I might just pair it with a pair of low baggy jeans and a red cotton top with either sneakers or ballet flats. Then for a night look, I'd wear it over a mid-length dress with some Mary Jane flats, black eyeliner, and a vintage shoulder bag.

oversized black blazer
it girl coat
fall/winter coat
Quinn Blazer, $600 | ANINE BING
oversized black blazer
hailey bieber blazer
it girl coat
fall/winter coat
LIONESS Wyoming Blazer, $80 | PRINCESS POLLY
it girl leather jacker biker jacket it girl coat
fall/winter coat
Oversized Faux Leather Biker Jacket, $90 | ZARA

The Leather Jacket

My personal statement piece. Very city and edgy and can elevate any outfit. I've definitely grown my collection of leather jackets and it's hard for me to go to a city without leaving with a vintage leather jacket. But you can never have too many coffees, Vogue magazines, or leather jackets.

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