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We all know and love the Kensington and Chelsea it girl.

She loves matcha, Kate Moss, and shopping on Sloane Street. And she has such great hair! Although she loves her designer bags, she keeps her outfits easy and simple - I mean, a young girl doesn't have all day to get dressed, especially if she's coming home from shooting her big campaigns. So she picks something easy yet stylish that features high-quality closet staple pieces.

For pants, a flattering pair of jeans is always an easy go-to. And these black straight-leg ones from Anine Bing are the current fav. They are so flattering and the perfect shade, definitely a closet must-have. And today it pairs with a simple and comfortable white tee. This one just happens to have Kate Moss on it.

And, of course, we all know the perfect sweater is a must-have for these colder months. You can wear this grey one either in hand if it's not too cold, or on with the bottom of the white shirt sticking out. Effortless but totally planned - the key to all good looks, and the Kensington and Chelsea it girl knows it.

an it girl and her accessories

As for the shoes, a pointy boot is so chic under a long, loose jean, and these Khaite ones are the definition of quiet luxury. I might also switch it up with a light pink ballet flat, which is another Kensington and Chelsea it girl staple. But my shoe choice definitely depends on my mood that day.

These tiny gold earrings are the perfect accessory when you don't want anything too loud, but you don't want to leave the house feeling naked.

Lastly, keys. But not just a house and car key, that's boring and lacking personality. You want something that has a little bit of spice. Something that shows a little bit about you without showing too much. Maybe there's a story or sentimental value, or maybe you find this super cute one on SSENSE, and it really speaks to you. I mean, the eight ball? And the pink? I love it, and so does the Kensington and Chelsea it girl.

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