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I love having my nails done. I feel like the hottest person ever. Like I literally transform into Paris Hilton while doing anything. I could literally have my hand on the stove and not even notice because I’ve been staring at these beautiful nails for the past 24 hours. However, sometimes having the coolest nails in the room can be a lot of work. I don’t know what color to get, should I get a design, are these even cute? I also love having an inspo pic. It’s not that I’m not original, I just like getting ideas and inspiration. My nails determine my mood, and they definitely show off my vibe. However, it’s not always easy finding good nail inspo. When you look it up it can be too minimal or just not giving what needed to be gave. So I have gathered up my favorite nail looks from It-Girls like Iris Law (there is a lot of her, she is a nail God), Jordan Daniels, Devon Lee Carlson, and some other super chic and stylish ladies. 

Now I can only do so much, it’s up to you nail artists to see if they can take a challenge. If you want to keep it simple or on a budget, I suggest a fun colorful french tip or just a bright color. But, if you are ready to have the coolest nails in the room, these are for you.


The fact that the nails, rings, and background all match make this picture even more jaw-dropping. But I’m loving these aura vibes coming at me. Good vibes allllll around.


These nails actually make neon look good. And at first glance, they look like they were hard to do, but a couple of gemstones and I bet anyone’s nail artist could do this.


Simple yet oh so adorable. You could keep the nude, which I’m loving for these nails, or make them any color of your choice to spice things up. Hot pink would be super fetch.


On the opposite hand, do the opposite. So four pink fingers and one blue nail. Killed it.


Screaming. Crying. Throwing up.


I just love these and you could literally do them yourself. Just grab a glitter polish and boom. Icon, and you DIYed it.


I love both of these nails, up to you which ones you do. And again, these are super customizable so you could do any color you want. I would suggest using this as inspo and picking your favorite color. But I do love this shade of pink.


Miss Devon our color queen! She never disappoints in that department, so nobody’s surprised she’s rocking these nails. 


Shocker, it’s Iris.


For my fellas out there who want to keep it short, I feel ya, and these would look perfect on you.


This is nail art heaven. These are the nails from the Vogue Macarena video, that I was obsessed with. All of these are Y2K inspired, so take these and go make your little Paris Hilton heart happy.


Speaking of the colorful french tip, boom. Bella killed it, as she does everything. You could copy this exactly or I would even suggest doing a more almond shape and then choosing whatever color you are feeling.

I totally nailed this.

✧・゚: ✧・゚: UPDATE:・゚✧:・゚✧

I just got my nails done for Valentine's Day and I have to share. They are so cute and I'm so obsessed, so if you were looking for a cute nail idea for February, look no further. You know french tips are my go-to, so I wanted to put a spin on it for this lovely heart-themed occasion. Because hearts are cute so I had to, duh.

  • Sky Haarsma

    Fashion blogs have always been my favorite thing to read, since like forever. I’m subscribed to all the magazines. My tabs are always full of articles about Bella Hadid or Kourtney Kardashian’s new matcha recipe. I eat that crap up. But I was always annoyed when I opened a fashion blog. Instead of getting the scoop on Devon Lee Carlson or the new SSENSE sale, it was some old person I never heard about or some crazy designer that only makes clothes for the elite.

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