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½ cup of tart cherry juice
1 tablespoon of magnesium powder
A few splashes of prebiotic soda (I use Ollipop’s flavor Rose, it goes really well with the cherry juice)


We can drink as many green juices as we want from Whole Foods and Erewhon, and follow Hailey Bieber’s exact skincare routine, but the biggest factor in our health journey is more simple than you think: sleep. We all know that getting eight hours at the very least is crucial to resetting our metabolisms, improving our moods, and giving us the energy we need to make the most out of our days. We can’t always rely on our iced matchas to get us through our pilates class, we need a well-rested mind and body. Some people have absolutely no trouble with a sleep schedule. As soon as their head hits the pillow, they’re out. I’m jealous of all of you who are like that btw. But for those of us who have a harder time falling asleep, the Sleep Girl Mocktail might be our cure. You might have seen this drink go viral on TikTok by wellness influencers, but don’t be so quick to label this another fad. I’ve been adding this into my bedtime routine for the past week or so and honestly, I’m a fan. Going to be super honest with you all, I’ve had the absolute worst bedtime routine the past few weeks. As soon as I’m done with schoolwork, I’m up way too late scrolling through Charlotte D’alessio’s old Tumblr q and a’s and answering texts from three weeks ago. Oops. So I figured the Sleep Girl Mocktail would be the perfect reset to help me get into a better routine. Filled with magnesium, tart cherry juice, and prebiotic soda, this drink has been such a lifesaver in getting me sleepy. If you want a perfect night’s sleep and to wake up refreshed, definitely try making this at home!

Add all the ingredients to an iced-filled glass, grab a book (currently reading Emma Cline’s The Guest and highly recommend it), and get ready for a great night’s sleep that every model who’s currently running around for fashion week will envy.

hello world!

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hello world!

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