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It's the 90s, the era of “The Supers," where the radiant force of young British model Kate Moss takes the fashion world by storm. In the company of infamous models and casually chilling with rockstars, Kate Moss is the epitome of a cool-girl muse. Kate is succeeded by her 21-year-old daughter and Gen Z “it girl”, Lila, who used her mother as inspiration at the 2023 Fashion Awards, wearing a sheer metallic slip dress reminiscent of the Liza Bruce dress worn by Kate in ‘93. Like mother, like daughter - Kate’s style is truly timeless!

Photo by: Richard Young/Rex Features
Photo by: Getty / Lionel Hahn

Kate’s style can also be adopted by anyone and these are the pieces that I praise the most.

Wondering how to adopt the chic off-duty model look? Let's take a look!

The Classic White Tee

Embracing the off-duty model aesthetic, Kate
was frequently seen wearing white t-shirts or tank tops.

While this may seem like a basic wardrobe choice, an affordable white tee is a fundamental piece for putting together a cool-girl outfit.

Its simplicity makes it easier to layer blazers, jewelry, and other accessories to enhance the overall look.

Here, with the t-shirt in place, Kate is able to show off these classy green tweed trousers.

Photo by: Jim Smeal/ Ron Gallela Collections via Getty Images

The Blue Jeans

Kate looks effortlessly stylish in a white tank top and blue slim straight jeans, creating a simple yet chic look that can be worn for any casual occasion. She adds patterned accessories and chunky gold jewelry to elevate the outfit, showing how affordable and versatile this style can be. Kate is a true inspiration for those who love a sophisticated and minimalistic vibe. I cannot begin to describe how many times I have adopted this look for school.

Photo by: Jim Smeal/ Ron Gallela Collections via Getty Images

Without a doubt, Kate has a love for leopard print. The model effortlessly rocks a leopard print bag, and in various images from the early 2000s, she's spotted flaunting leopard print flats and a stylish coat. Embracing the rock-chick aesthetic, the leopard print certainly adds a wild and youthful touch, inspired by her adventurous early years.

Strappy Heels

Whether it is heels or boots, Kate certainly knows how to leave a lasting impression. Kate Moss's talent for blending edgy and elegant styles with her shoe choices stands out as a celebrated moment in fashion history. Her unique approach inspires countless individuals to
express their individuality and play around with their own footwear selections. Today we praise her strappy sandals! Be it a fancy red carpet event or a laid-back day out, Moss effortlessly made strappy sandals look chic. Her style prowess effortlessly transformed these
sandals from day to night, showcasing their versatile charm. Paired with a slip dress, the strappy heels give off a ‘fresh-from-the- beach” evening look, which is the perfect inspiration for summer!

Photo by: Ron Galella/Getty Images
Photo by: Dave Benett / Getty Images

The Skinny-Scarf

Finally, I am obsessed with Kate's decision to rock skinny scarves in the 90s which perfectly demonstrates the idea of turning basic accessories into style statements.

Her effortless inclusion of these scarves proves that even the simplest items can be transformed into fashion highlights under her influence.

The skinny scarf turned into a must-have for fashion lovers aiming to capture Moss's unique mix of sophistication and rebellious style.

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