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This lookbook is basically me manifesting how I want to wake up.

It's the ultimate guide to how an it-girl would wake up. And to be the person you want to be, you must start acting like that person. And this is how I imagine I would wake up in the future.

This set is from Skims, and it's just a classic, comfy, cute set. It's the perfect outfit to wake up in because it says, "I didn't even try and I'm still that girl."

Because the key is to be effortless iconic. And waking up like this is a perfect example of that.

Of course, this girl wakes up with her Cartier dangling on her wrist because she never takes it off. It's the same vibe as a broken-in Birkin. Remeber, she is an effortless icon.

She doesn't need to do her skincare before her coffee because she likes to keep it chill and she already woke up looking perfect, so instead, she just uses her Gypsy Water Body Cream for now.

She takes her throw blanket from LoveShackFancy (that was probably gifted to her by them) and wraps it over her shoulders while heading to her gorgeous kitchen.

In the freezer, she keeps one of her billion face tools and sculpts her killer cheekbones and jawline with the roller.

I am a big lover of facial tools; if you aren't on that grind yet, you need to be. You can find links to some of my favorite tools in this article.

And obviously, we all know to start the morning with a coffee, matcha, or potion from Moon Juice. Yes, people may say to have food before caffeine, but that's where I just look the other way and pretend I didn't hear that.

This Beauty Dust from Moon Juice is "a beautifying blend of adaptogens and herbs that target stress to improve skin clarity and help protect from free radicals and accelerated aging." According to Moon Juice.

I love adding it to my smoothie or matcha, and it really takes your morning and life to another level.

Stay tuned for the full it-girl morning routine.

I am obsessed with this entire outfit. Like I literally need everything.

* Side note: I recently ordered this Babyfacial product from Drunk Elephant along with a bunch of other stuff, so stay tuned for my review on the brand/products and an updated skincare routine!

Anyways, back to what I was saying.

This super flattering scoop neck bra is from Skims, and not only does it makes everything look good, it's also super comfy. Definitely a closet must-have.

The top is paired with these super soft and comfy sweatpants from Aritzia, which are also another great closet must-have.

And although these two pieces look like different shades, I'm pretty sure it's just lighting, but I might have to order them to make sure that they look like a perfect set, and I will keep you girls updated!

As for accessories, I went with a super cute Ugg slipper that compliments your set and this super dainty and stunning gold star necklace from Gorjana. I've been really into stars lately, and I think this is just the perfect accessory ever.

I've also been really staying away from chunky gold jewelry and reaching for more dainty pieces; however still stacking a lot of them, and I'm really liking it so far. It feels very effortless.

And you know, you need an Olaplex bun on a day like this. You will look cute and be giving Hailey Bieber, while moisturizing your hair simultaneously!

For your sunday reset you have to light a candle, it's practically a rule.

I love this one from Diptyque just because it is such an it girl brand and it girl candle. However, if you have your own it girl candle that you adore, feel free to use that one!

Lastly, let's talk about this mug.

I just stumbled across it, and I have never wanted a mug more. Is it not the cutest thing ever?!?!

Whether you are filling it with coffee or tea or whatever, it is a new must-have. Because when you are walking around your home looking this hot, you need a mug that matches the vibe, and this one totally does. Plus, it's from Le Creuset and is only $20!

That's a steal if you ask me.

This is probably your it girl off duty starter kit. It's super classic and super well known.

I switched things up with jeans and went with a high waisted pair for my girls who love that snatched waist feeling. I'm personally more of a low waisted girl but I do love the occasional high waisted pair of jeans when I want my legs looking extra long.

The jeans are paired with the comfiest tees from Skims, except this shirt is their cropped one so it compliments said legs. I don't have a lot of shirts as short as this one but the proportions are really nice with these pants. Plus it will give a little peak of your abs, super cute.

And of course you need your staple gold necklace to wear with this. Because the shirt is so simple and fitted, you could pretty much pair any necklace with it. I just love this one from Tiffany and Co.

I really switched it up with these shoes. Normally I'm not a Golden Goose girl but I wanted to try something other than New Balance or Adidas.

This look needed a big bag to keep it less basic, and this tote from Goyard is to die for. I need it in every color, but you probably know that by now.

Sometimes I love a big bag because that means you can throw your entire skincare and makeup routine in there! However, I kept it simple with some essentials that you either own or need to own.

This hand cream is so chic and makes your hands so soft, I love it. Plus if you pull this bad boy out of your bag everyone will immediately know you are that girl.

Of course you should have your Dior lip oil! If you don't already own this product but have been looking for a sign to purchase it, this is it. Or if you are looking for a new it girl lipgloss, this is also it.

Lastly, I featured this foundation from Dior but feel free to either use your own favorite foundation or just your favorite makeup product if you aren't a foundation girl! Honestly, I'm not. Oops.

Working hard on your laptop all day can be hard work for an it girl. But I learned that the right outfit, a good lip mask, and a green juice could go really far.

And the right outfit in this situation has to be cute and comfy. You should feel super relaxed but also be ready to snap a fit pic quickly.

Show off that cute iced latte and hot headphones of yours. Because I mean every it girl has the Airpods Max.

There are a bunch of different outfits you could go for to achieve the same thing, but I went with a super simple fit that you probably own some variation of. And everyone knows that you can never feel uncomfortable in a crewneck and leggings. It's the easiest outfit to feel put together, and like you are in pajamas at the same time.

Of course, I had to pair it with that big Goyard bag, duh. It's super chic, super trendy, and fits absolutely everything. No need to throw your candle in it, though.

One of my favorite things about this outfit is that you can wear it all year long. You can wake up and go for your morning coffee run in this exact lookbook, whether it be summer or winter. How convenient, right?!

This lookbook wasn't originally inspired by Hailey Bieber, but that appears to be what happened. The vibe is that girl who just left her pilates class, obviously wearing a matching workout set, and is now off to get her daily smoothie.

You've been living under a rock if you aren't aware that pilates is the new thing. Every supermodel and their mom have hopped on the reformer and got to work. But only the top do pilates with Forma Pilates, in-studio, duh. Anyone can do it with them online, but in studio is by referral only. How desirable.

And going back to that post-workout smoothie, you know we are hitting up Erewhon to get our daily dose of superfoods and overpriced produce. This pink look is perfectly complimented with no other than Hailey Bieber's new collab with Erewhon. Which by the way, I will be purchasing and reviewing it to let you know if it's worth the $17. I think I've lived here too long because that price doesn't even seem that crazy to me. Yikes.

This workout fit is from Set Active, but Alo is an acceptable choice as well. And of course, you have to own this grey crewneck from Aritzia. I suggest sizing up a lot to get that perfect oversized and slouchy look. Finally, this look is tied together with New Balances, because Hailey owns these. However, you could also go with some Asics, those are coming back.

My bestie boo Lauren requested that I make a lookbook with these fun headbands that I recently purchased, so here it is! This is sorta a different take on my usual lookbooks because it's more outfit inspo because the baby tee and pants are vintage and not for sale. However, all the accessories are! So it's kinda a half and half.

Nevertheless, this fit is still super cute, and it's great because you can make it your own. Use a cool vintage baby tee you already own and pair of your favorite pants and boom! And if you don't have a favorite vintage baby tee, this is your sign to buy the one you have been eyeing on Depop for the past week.

Also, this look features the new it shoe. Bella Hadid is always strutting around in these, and you should too. Personally, I just wear my Superstars that I got in like 6th grade. They are honestly my new favorite shoe again... oh how the tables have turned...

Plus, these glasses are similar to miss Devon's and Bella is always using this headband, so you can't say it's not an it-girl look. And this bag is giving so many vibes it's perfect.

And honestly, I'm kinda feeling these jeans. They are definitely a pair that you have to wear super confidently, but I'm all for a low-rise-Paris-Hilton-pair-of-jeans.

Anywaysssss, shop the accessories down below and make it your own xxx

the girls that get it, get it. and the girls that don't, don't.

This lookbook is my take on Bella Hadid's recent model-off-duty looks. Her eye-turning fashion week outfits have been described as almost grandma-like, but she really makes it work. She's been wearing thin glasses instead of contacts and mid-calf Vivienne Westwood skirts. And honestly, she looks so good and it really fits her vibe. She doesn’t have a stylist so it's obvious she has a major eye for fashion. 

The skirt I used for the lookbook is affordable and totally giving Bella Hadid. It's that awkward yet effortless mid-calf length and has that cargo vibe that is all the rage right now. And it's such a simple color that you can style it in so many ways. And its length allows a lot of shoe freedom. You can wear a knee-length boot, a dad sneaker, a kitten heel, and the list goes on.

The shirt is a subversive basic from With Jean’s latest collection and looks great with this skirt. It's simple, but it's also not. I recently saw Sav Hudson wearing a shirt like this with a trendy grandma skirt, so she definitely inspired the top half of the outfit. And the silver accents are cool-toned which is why you need a navy blue skirt like this one.

And I am loving the vibe these shoes are giving. It's effortlessly cool and perfect for running errands around NYC. Comfy and cute. It's a win-win. And pairing it with black ankle socks kinda says “I don’t care” but really you know you look super stylish and everyone will look at you and then wear black ankle socks with their sneakers the next day. But little do those non-it-girls know, it only works in this fit because each piece is carefully curated to create this vibe. 

And of course, we had to use the Bella Hadid sunglasses, duh. And this bag is warm-toned which adds some contrast and a funky but also not funky aspect. Again, carefully curated.

It's honestly so funny how life works out sometimes. I had put this outfit together in my mind and tried to make it a few days ago, but the sunglasses I was finding were not giving what needed to be gave. I had this exact idea of how I wanted the glasses to look, but I couldn’t find anything that was perfectly matching what I needed. And it was so annoying. So I just scratched the lookbook, because it wasn’t going to work without this exact pair of sunglasses that I was envisioning. 

And then this morning when I was scrolling through Instagram as one does in the morning, I saw that Lexxola had posted about a new sunglass they are releasing, and when I tell you these are the EXACT PAIR I WAS INVISIOING. Like literally identical. If someone had told me that they went into my brain, I’d believe you. I was so happy and excited when I saw these that I resurfaced this lookbook and added the perfect touch. 

I wanted a pair of glasses just like the ones shown because I wanted these colors to contrast the dress exactly how they do. I love the totally unmatched vibe it gives. It's like effortlessly the most stylish person, ya know? Like oh, what these? I just threw on the first pair I could find, duh! (because we all just have every pair of Lexxola’s lying around).

And because of the unmatched sunnies, I wanted to match the bag perfectly. And I mean, come on! Look at these colors! Like talk about a match made in heaven. The colors match perfectly and this bag plus this dress is chef's kiss. 

And I love a stacked necklace moment but you could honestly just go with one of the necklaces I offered (or two) and it would still be a look. But I think these three necklaces play really well with each other and the other pieces in this look. 

And as for the shoes, I chose these ones because I literally have them and they are my summer shoe staple. They look good with everything, especially this look. I wanted to throw a solid color in there and these sandals totally did the job without looking like the black sheep.

I just wish I could be wearing this look in Spain right now. Ugh.

This top is definitely the star of the show and how hot is it? It's from the UK-based brand, Tora-Lily and she makes the coolest stuff. This specific top is a short-sleeve blue mesh with a print over the bust area. And it's stretchy because who doesn’t like a stretchy top.

Because this top screams I’m cooler than you, it needed a pant that displayed that but doesn’t take away from it. So these Tulia trousers from Poster Girl are perfect. They are part of Poster Girl’s “innovative new fishnet shapewear” that features “logo polka dot lace.” Plus they flare out on the bottom which is a must with tight pants for me. I think the colors and fabric play well together, although you could literally pair this top with anything and it would look hot. 

With the accessories, I wanted to throw in colors that were from the pain pieces, hence the blue and orange pattern. This hair clip is from the queen of hair clips, Emi Jay. If you don’t have your clips from there then IDK what you’re doing. She is my queen and makes the cutest hair clips that literally everyone wears. Like all the it-girls get 'em from here. 

Ok now, look at this bag. It’s a vintage Suhali L'Affriolant Bag from 2004 Louis Vuitton, and we all know vintage bags are the best bags. It has blue Suhali leather with gold accents, so it totally compliments both the shirt and pants. However, it isn’t cheap so I would also suggest any black mini shoulder bag that you have, that would also look super hot. Or even pull out a hobo bag if you have one because I’m calling it, those are coming back. 

And finally, you need a fun shoe for this. I was leaning into the more casual just hanging out vibe when I picked these Birkenstock X Proenza Schouler Arizona Slides. They have that supermodel meets dad vibe which is always a popular choice when it comes to footwear. However, I would also pair these with the Simon Miller clogs from this lookbook or the black platform sandals from this lookbook.