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A classic December morning in your picture perfect ski chalet. I mean who doesn't love waking up to your gorgeous view of the snowy ski slopes. Of course, you are warm and bundled up in your heated room and luxury duvet. It's almost December 25 so Christmas music is playing as you roll out of bed, no earlier than 10am because you deserve your beauty sleep. This is wear you switch out your cozy Skims set for this iconic winter outfit.

You need your outfit to be comfortable and warm, but still form fitting and flattering. Your favorite layering piece for winter is obviously a black turtleneck, and you know this Anine Bing one feels so soft and comfy. And since you'll be stepping out in the snow, you need your North Face puffer. I mean, what else would you use?

And rather than throwing on your Aritzia sweatpants, you reach for Alo. This way, you are warm and your legs look extra long. How cute.

You put on no other than your Aritzia crew socks because you appreciate the best and know what it-girls buy. Then since you are an avid reader of TIGG you are always up to date on latest trends, you own the Ugg ultra mini slippers.

It's winter and all use girls know this is the time to be extra hydrated and make sure our skin and lips are glazed and glowing. Your favorite lip product right now is the peptide treatment from Rhode because it-girls support it-girls.

And since its windy and cold you throw on your Alo faux fur headband. Its functional and stylish.

And that's it, so simple, so chic.

Whether you lounge around the house all day or make your way to the cafe where you can watch the skiers, you will be serving like nobody else.

This is the perfect look to walk around campus or to your favorite coffee shop where you order an oat milk latte and spike it with brain dust because you have to study and need all the help you can get.

These Uggs are trendy but timeless, so it says you are a fashion it-girl, but you still have a personal style and wear these shoes every time the weather drops below 70.

And you only wear the best jeans. They are always super flattering and super comfortable; every person you walk by wonders where they are from because they look perfect on you.

And Bridget Bardot is your icon, so of course, your favorite crewneck features her. But you also love this look because it feels vintage and designer at the same time.

You know accessories are best when designer, so you wear Cartier on your wrist and Celine on your face. The watch was a gift, but you bought the glasses yourself. Both are timeless, classy, and chic, and it is perfect when paired with your youthful and effortless look.

You need a big bag on campus, and you break out your Longchamp tote when the sky gets grey because it puts you in a fall mood.

Scent is such an important thing, so, of course, you make sure never to leave the house without your favorite fall perfume, Jazz Club from Maison Margiela. You've already drowned your crewneck in it, but never forget to throw your travel-sized one into your bag.

And just like that, your look is complete. It's simple yet stylish. Chic and classy but young and effortless. Slouchy but fitted. Everything is perfectly curated and crafted with thought and detail, but it's easy because this type of stuff comes naturally. You are the it-girl on campus.

I actually made this outfit based on my closet. It was an outfit I had in the back of my mind that I knew I wanted to wear getting groceries at Whole Foods in the fall, but now I think I'll wear it picking up a bagel and a coffee in NYC.

Fall time has the best vibes, and they make tasks like grabbing coffee or going out to complete errands fun. I feel so cozy and happy around this time of year, and I love going out on a cloudy day and walking around the city.

And to make the vibes even more perfect, you need a great outfit. One that's cute, cozy, and has to serve it-girl and fall simultaneously. And this outfit does just that.

The romper from Aritzia is the star of the show, and I based everything around that. I knew I wanted to pair it with an Ugg, and I went with the iconic Tazz Slipper. Plus, the little bit of red in the shoe perfectly ties in with the red jacket, also from Aritzia.

I was also thinking of featuring a jacket from either Elsa Hosk's or Gigi Hadid's new brand, but this jacket was just the perfect length and gave fall coffee run in NYC, so I just couldn't pass it up.

Have you caught onto the vibe now?

And you know I'm an iced coffee girl through and through, no matter the weather, so of course, I had to feature an iced latte because it still stands as the perfect accessory. And it would def tie this entire look together.

And girls, if I ever ever ever order a hot coffee, it will be a life-changing moment, and you will be the first to know about it because we will all be utterly shocked. Oh, and now if you will be just as shocked as I am, I'll know you are a true reader, LOL.

Now for the accessories.

The accessories were a really big deal for this look because they took the outfit from just your average trend-following look to an it-girl icon look.

This gold Vivienne Westwood ring is stunning and the perfect ring that's simple yet chunky and shows everyone that you have an eye for fashion.

And of course, I had to finish off this look with the Balenciaga Neo Cagole City Bag. Duh! It's the cutest bag ever and in my opinion, timeless. Yes, it's a staple piece that isn't totally simple, but at the same time, I think it is simple enough to go with everything and always look good. A timeless piece.

This bag really elevates the outfit and gives your look that model-off-duty vibe.

This is the perfect look to wear shopping in Soho on a perfect fall day. The weather is isn't cold, so you can wear a mini skirt, but it is fall, so you might double your jacket.

The hoodie is from Talentless and you added your fave leather jacket. This one is from H&M Men, so it looks perfect on top of that sweatshirt.

And you wouldn't wear anything other than your black mini skirt from Miaou paired with knee high black boots from Steve Madden.

And this outfit paired with Coperni's hottest bag, everyone will know you are the it-girl.

And you always take a mirror selfie, where we can see your cracked iPhone because you are to chic and effortless for a phone case, but you aren't afraid to drop it. I mean, it's just a phone. You are however more nervous about scrathing your purse, so you make sure someone always has an eye on it.

As for hair, I'd personally hit the streets with my long blond messy hair, serving Serena van der Woodsen, but I could also imagine a slick back braid. In that case though, you should also add some small black sunglasses.

And after you've been shopping with friends, you all go out for dinner and drinks at Luciens, and obviously make sure to snap a pic of those chic martinis.

Because this is what cool means to you.

So, what does an it girl wear to the airport?

I often ask this question whenever I'm traveling because it's not like you getting dressed for normal activity.

And you might think, well, it's the airport, so my outfit doesn't need a lot of thought, but I think the exact opposite.

Because it's the airport, you have to dress comfy, but with requirements, and you have to dress cute. Because comfy to me could be tiny pajama shorts, but those are necessarily comfy on a plane. And cute might be a pair of low-baggy jeans, but again, not right for the plane.

See, there is a lot of thought into what goes into an airport outfit.

What Should I Wear To The Airport?

This is how to look like a model off duty at the airport and be everyone's airport crush.

First off, a tube top.

Tube tops are so cute and so versatile. And honestly, super comfy. Like you could wear it to a party, or in this case, to the airport.

I chose this specific tube top because it's super affordable and looks really comfy.

Next, wear a pair of sweatpants to make the outfit more casual.

Not only are sweatpants super comfy and can be made super cute, but when paired with the tube top, you won't be too hot or too cold. Perfect. Because it's all about not being uncomfortable.

The Best Shoes For The Airport

My go-to shoe when traveling is always a sneaker. You literally can never go wrong with choosing a sneaker, especially in this case.

It's comfy, it's cute, and matches the outfit.

The blue sweatpants are the same shade as the back of these shoes, and I love that. Talk about tying the look together.

Now let's talk about the other items in this lookbook.

First off, your passport and suitcase, duh.

This suitcase is from Beis because that's where everyone's luggage should be from. So no questions there.

Another airport essential is headphones. I love these ones (as does every it girl), but I also think you would look like the hottest person walking around the airport in this outfit with these headphones on your head.

I know if I saw you, I would immediately want to be your friend.

And of course, accessories are a must no matter where you are going or what you are doing.

I went with silver this time because the whole look is in cool tones, so it felt right. Even though I'm a gold girl for life, I love this bracelet from Dior.

And I picked a bracelet because honestly, bracelets with tube tops > necklaces with tube tops.

How To Keep Your Lips Soft

The airplane dries out our skin like crazy, which means you have to ensure your lips are always moisturized.

I love entering the plane with a thick moisturizer, so my skin is taken care of, and then bring a lip mask or lip balm to keep reapplying throughout the flight.

This balm from Glossier is my travel go-to.

Lastly, who doesn't want to smell good all the time? Le Labo anywhere and everywhere.

This is my current dream outfit. I am just so obsessed with every aspect of it! I don't own anything in this lookbook but that needs to change ASAP.

Stockholm and Copenhagen Style

Stockholm and Copenhagen style inspired this look, but I also put my own spin on it and added pieces I love.

I also wanted to talk about this tank top really quickly.

It's from TankAir, and it's an exciting piece. What I mean by that is this white tank top is $70.

You might be like, um, excuse me? Did you add that zero by accident? I know. It seems really overpriced for a tank top, and I probably could've chosen a way cheaper option that sounded more reasonable.

However, I think this is a really great quality piece.

I have this mindset where rather than having a million okay pieces, just have that one perfect one. That applies here, with this tank top.

The Perfect White Tank Top

How many white tank tops do you own that are close but not perfect? I personally have a million. But some are too short, too long, too see-through, or don't have the right neckline. You get the idea.

But every person I have seen this tank top on looks stunning.

It's so flattering, and the perfect shape and isn't see-through. It also looks like it would be super comfortable and form-fitting, but not tight.

So that's why I chose this tank top. I personally really want it, but if you don't, that's okay.

Now for the pants.

These are from Cotton On. Funny enough, they are the same price as the tank top.

Creating An Effortless Look

I love the look of these pants; they really capture the feeling I needed. They are low and slouchy and, when paired with this tight tank top, create an effortless look.

And that's where the gold jewelry comes in.

They add to that effortless look because they really tie the shirt and pants together.

The pieces I chose reflect what I like in my jewelry. I like dainty but still noticeable gold jewelry. These pieces really fit that description.

Golden Goose

I went with Golden Gooses for the shoes because I think they match the look perfectly. I didn't want a plain white sneaker, but I knew I couldn't do anything with stripes (aka Adidas were out), so that's where these came into play.

I used to be a hater of this brand, but I am slowly becoming a fan.

I went with a timeless but not boring look for the phone case. It says I'm trendy, but I'm simple. And that really describes my style right now. This one is from Rimowa.

And lastly, I tied this look together with VOSS water.

It might seem random, but I picture this girl walking the streets of Denmark, possibly vlogging, and carrying her water with her to stay hydrated. But this specific water because it acts more as an accessory than anything.

This lookbook is basically me manifesting how I want to wake up.

It's the ultimate guide to how an it-girl would wake up. And to be the person you want to be, you must start acting like that person. And this is how I imagine I would wake up in the future.

This set is from Skims, and it's just a classic, comfy, cute set. It's the perfect outfit to wake up in because it says, "I didn't even try and I'm still that girl."

Because the key is to be effortless iconic. And waking up like this is a perfect example of that.

Of course, this girl wakes up with her Cartier dangling on her wrist because she never takes it off. It's the same vibe as a broken-in Birkin. Remeber, she is an effortless icon.

She doesn't need to do her skincare before her coffee because she likes to keep it chill and she already woke up looking perfect, so instead, she just uses her Gypsy Water Body Cream for now.

She takes her throw blanket from LoveShackFancy (that was probably gifted to her by them) and wraps it over her shoulders while heading to her gorgeous kitchen.

In the freezer, she keeps one of her billion face tools and sculpts her killer cheekbones and jawline with the roller.

I am a big lover of facial tools; if you aren't on that grind yet, you need to be. You can find links to some of my favorite tools in this article.

And obviously, we all know to start the morning with a coffee, matcha, or potion from Moon Juice. Yes, people may say to have food before caffeine, but that's where I just look the other way and pretend I didn't hear that.

This Beauty Dust from Moon Juice is "a beautifying blend of adaptogens and herbs that target stress to improve skin clarity and help protect from free radicals and accelerated aging." According to Moon Juice.

I love adding it to my smoothie or matcha, and it really takes your morning and life to another level.

Stay tuned for the full it-girl morning routine.

I am obsessed with this entire outfit. Like I literally need everything.

* Side note: I recently ordered this Babyfacial product from Drunk Elephant along with a bunch of other stuff, so stay tuned for my review on the brand/products and an updated skincare routine!

Anyways, back to what I was saying.

This super flattering scoop neck bra is from Skims, and not only does it makes everything look good, it's also super comfy. Definitely a closet must-have.

The top is paired with these super soft and comfy sweatpants from Aritzia, which are also another great closet must-have.

And although these two pieces look like different shades, I'm pretty sure it's just lighting, but I might have to order them to make sure that they look like a perfect set, and I will keep you girls updated!

As for accessories, I went with a super cute Ugg slipper that compliments your set and this super dainty and stunning gold star necklace from Gorjana. I've been really into stars lately, and I think this is just the perfect accessory ever.

I've also been really staying away from chunky gold jewelry and reaching for more dainty pieces; however still stacking a lot of them, and I'm really liking it so far. It feels very effortless.

And you know, you need an Olaplex bun on a day like this. You will look cute and be giving Hailey Bieber, while moisturizing your hair simultaneously!

For your sunday reset you have to light a candle, it's practically a rule.

I love this one from Diptyque just because it is such an it girl brand and it girl candle. However, if you have your own it girl candle that you adore, feel free to use that one!

Lastly, let's talk about this mug.

I just stumbled across it, and I have never wanted a mug more. Is it not the cutest thing ever?!?!

Whether you are filling it with coffee or tea or whatever, it is a new must-have. Because when you are walking around your home looking this hot, you need a mug that matches the vibe, and this one totally does. Plus, it's from Le Creuset and is only $20!

That's a steal if you ask me.

This is probably your it girl off duty starter kit. It's super classic and super well known.

I switched things up with jeans and went with a high waisted pair for my girls who love that snatched waist feeling. I'm personally more of a low waisted girl but I do love the occasional high waisted pair of jeans when I want my legs looking extra long.

The jeans are paired with the comfiest tees from Skims, except this shirt is their cropped one so it compliments said legs. I don't have a lot of shirts as short as this one but the proportions are really nice with these pants. Plus it will give a little peak of your abs, super cute.

And of course you need your staple gold necklace to wear with this. Because the shirt is so simple and fitted, you could pretty much pair any necklace with it. I just love this one from Tiffany and Co.

I really switched it up with these shoes. Normally I'm not a Golden Goose girl but I wanted to try something other than New Balance or Adidas.

This look needed a big bag to keep it less basic, and this tote from Goyard is to die for. I need it in every color, but you probably know that by now.

Sometimes I love a big bag because that means you can throw your entire skincare and makeup routine in there! However, I kept it simple with some essentials that you either own or need to own.

This hand cream is so chic and makes your hands so soft, I love it. Plus if you pull this bad boy out of your bag everyone will immediately know you are that girl.

Of course you should have your Dior lip oil! If you don't already own this product but have been looking for a sign to purchase it, this is it. Or if you are looking for a new it girl lipgloss, this is also it.

Lastly, I featured this foundation from Dior but feel free to either use your own favorite foundation or just your favorite makeup product if you aren't a foundation girl! Honestly, I'm not. Oops.

Working hard on your laptop all day can be hard work for an it girl. But I learned that the right outfit, a good lip mask, and a green juice could go really far.

And the right outfit in this situation has to be cute and comfy. You should feel super relaxed but also be ready to snap a fit pic quickly.

Show off that cute iced latte and hot headphones of yours. Because I mean every it girl has the Airpods Max.

There are a bunch of different outfits you could go for to achieve the same thing, but I went with a super simple fit that you probably own some variation of. And everyone knows that you can never feel uncomfortable in a crewneck and leggings. It's the easiest outfit to feel put together, and like you are in pajamas at the same time.

Of course, I had to pair it with that big Goyard bag, duh. It's super chic, super trendy, and fits absolutely everything. No need to throw your candle in it, though.

One of my favorite things about this outfit is that you can wear it all year long. You can wake up and go for your morning coffee run in this exact lookbook, whether it be summer or winter. How convenient, right?!