hello world!

This outfit lives in my mind rent-free, so of course, I had to turn this vision into a lookbook so I could take inspo from it whenever I needed it; plus now I know my next pant purchase.

This lookbook is definitely giving model off duty vibes and total it-girl with the Adidas Gazelles (which are superior to Sambas).

This look would also be so cute paired with a vintage brown bomber jacket or the leather Miu Miu jacket to really add that extra touch of style. But for the warmer days, a jacket isn't necessary, and this look is still so baby without one.

This Realisation Par tank top is one of the cutest tank tops I own, I'm obsessed with the fit and the fabric - it's just so cute and comfy, which is a must when it comes to tank tops. And I'm soooo picky about my tank tops, like out of all the clothing items, that's the one where I have the highest standards, and I'm so picky about all the little details. So skip the middle step and just trust that this is a solid tank.

As for the pants, I love a black trouser, especially one that fits nicely and looks super flattering on the butt and legs.

And, of course, I have to accessorize with gold jewelry. Little hoops and a cute bracelet are all you need for this look to elevate it but still keep it simple. And if you are a silver girl this outfit would still be great with some silver accessories.

Because the look is fairly simple (but the girls that get it, get it) the bag can be pretty interchangeable. I love a simple sleek bag and this Prada one just felt like it was the perfect one for this look. You could edge it up with a studded bag or make it even more casual with a leather tote. But since I based this look off of me, I obviously had to go with a shoulder bag because somehow I always end up with a shoulder bag.

Her energy enters the room even before she does. She loves and is loved. The perfect combination of looks and smarts. She leaves people better than she found them, but never at the expense of her own happiness.

Her silky purple slip may look like pajamas when on a hanger, but when she slips it on it's brought to life and you would think it was couture. Is it vintage? Is it thrifted? Is it designer? Is it right off the runway?

But she's never vain. She knows she's gorgeous, but she doesn't let it get to her head. If anything, her beauty taught her to find the beauty in other things. The smell of a coffee shop or the sound of laughter.

Her leather jacket looks vintage and fits oh so perfectly, everyone is dying to know where it's from.

And she would never ever leave the house without Santal 33, I mean who would? She smells like Paris and flowers and fun and mystery. Her Instagram is filled with perfect pictures of her outfits and fashion week and her favorite book recommendations, but she still keeps things to herself and never draws back the curtain too much.

She loves a boot, or a flat, or a heel, or a sneaker. She loves it all. Especially the cool-looking ones.

Normally she gets her jewelry from flea markets or tiny vintage shops she finds when traveling, but these were gifted to her and she thought they matched perfectly.

Putting on this outfit took so much thought yet no thought at all.

It's about the details and the effortlessness.

But here's the secret. This outfit is perfect because it's personal. She knows her style and she picks the pieces she loves. She doesn't love a piece because everyone is wearing it, but she also doesn't hate anything for that reason either.

Also, this book is her latest read and she hasn't been able to put it down. It's filled with notes and highlights because she likes her books how she likes her hair and leather jackets: lived in.

And oh how she is so me.

I know I say this about almost all the lookbooks I make (who doesn't) but I need this entire outfit. I love all of the individual pieces and when paired together it's just perfect. This look is so my style and it really has a lot of elements to it, lots of layers you could say. Except there aren't any physical layers because I don't like layering (I know I know it's a shock and an unpopular opinion but it's just not my vibe). But I tried to choose each piece of this outfit with a lot of intention, and I'll give you the rundown.

danielle guizio sweater

This is obviously the main character of the outfit and every other piece was chosen based on this sweater. it's so cute and so versatile: this look was just one of the million ways I could've styled it. You could wear a black mini skirt or some baggy blue jeans or whatever, I just wanted to go for a casual comfy look that's still cute and can be worn for those in between temperatures coming up.

adidas sambas

The current it-girl shoe. I wanted to throw in something popular to this look because 1) a lot of you probably have this shoe so this look will be easy to complete and 2) this is a look that a current it-girl would wear and all the current it-girls have this shoe. plus the black keeps the focus on the sweater. I was debating choosing a more powerful shoe, but as I said, I wanted the focus to be on your legs and the sweater, not the shoe. You could also wear this look with a plain white sneakers (in that case I would stray from Adidas and go for a Reebok) but when I see myself in this outfit, this is the shoe I see. Because honestly sometimes a white shoe with a long shirt no pants look can give VSCO girl and I'm not a fan.

bottega veneta jodie

Another super chic bag for this super hot look. I wanted to throw in some designer and I knew I wanted a slouchy shoulder bag with this look (since that's all I wear) so I thought I would try out a Jodie, since this bag has been everywhere but TIGG. I tried out all the colors that the teen Jodie offered with this look adnt his dark brown just worked the best. Plus the teen is the best size.

skims shorts

Ok, here are the thoughts behind these shorts and why I would wear these. Originally I was thinking you could a black mini skirt or some black biker shorts, but here is why neither of those would work. First off, this is a casual look that I would wear hanging out with friends, so a skirt wouldn't cut it, plus it would change the whole vibe of the outfit. So then I thought biker shorts, but I'm not a fan of seeing the long shorts under shirts/sweaters and a booty short would be too short to wear as pants in public. But I still wanted shorts because again, hanging with friends and running around. So you could just wear some ripped jean shorts but I thought these were so much better because they are a perfect length with this sweater and they aren't skin tight so they could almost give an illusion of a mini skirt. Get where I'm going?

dior lip oil

Dark bag, dark shoes, warm sweater, you know this colored lip oil was a must. It plays into that vibe and it's just cute and minimal. This is not a lipstick look and you want to still look put together so this lip product is perfect. And I know if you read TIGG then you probably also own the Dior Lip Oil.

black sunglasses

I my love small round black sunglasses and I know I would throw them on while heading out the door, so of course I had to include them. You could also go for a fun color but I usually only wear one colorful thing per outfit, so these were just more my vibe. But if you wear more colors than me (which isn't hard to do) then you can totally pair some Lexxola or Gucci sunglasses with this look.

slouchy white socks

Of course you need slouchy white socks with the sambas since you are showing off your gorgeous legs. You could pull a Bella Hadid and wear regular crew socks but I like it when they are slouched down, that's more my vibe and I did base this look on me. But for the Bella Bots, go ahead and just wear long white socks. But for the TIGG girls, slouch 'em, your future you will thank you.

And lastly, I needed to mention a final accessory which is not featured but highly recommended for a complete look: an iced coffee. Since this is my running around / hanging out look, you know I would have a coffee. And this outfit would order oat milk in case you were wondering.

A total it-girl at the party.

You would consider her a "stargirl," and she obsessively listens to The Weekend. She wants to emulate the girl he sings of, and she does it flawlessly. New Year's Eve is her favorite day of the year because she gets to wear sparkles and smokey makeup. And although that's her look for every party, now she gets to do it with everyone. And by doing it with everyone, she gets to do it better than everyone.

Of course, she took this inspo from TIGG because, as an it-girl, she reads it daily.

She had another silver dress she was debating on wearing, but she decided to save that for her birthday and go with something a little more modest tonight.

This strapless black mini-dress is perfect. It's giving it-girl, it's giving stargirl, it's giving her.

Obviously, it's paired with Zadig and Voltaire because what says stargirl more than them? And, of course, the star earrings are necessary.

Typically, she's a gold girl, but she emulates a silver disco ball once a year and makes everyone notice her when she walks into the room.

She wears strappy silver heels that sparkle and tap when she walks, so she hits everyone's senses at once. Except for the smell, she's already covered that with her Fleur de Peau Eau de Parfum. The perfect perfume for her.

Black nail polish today. Usually, she might go for chrome, but that got too popular this year, so she dropped it and returned to her roots.

She smokes out her eye with her go-to palette and eyeliner and finishes off her look with a martini because, like The It Girl Guide, we know a drink is the best accessory.

Sky's Stargirl Spotify Playlist

It's that time of year, which means your weekends are full of Christmas parties. Initially, you thought they were all mundane and boring, and you would rather be at home reading Slyvia Plath and sipping your vegan hot chocolate, but you've found a new love and desire for these parties this year. Now you see it as a chance to wear your tiny little black dress that makes everyone jealous and your tall high boots to show off your gorgeous legs. And, of course, you want to turn heads, so enter the room in your to-die-for-faux-fur-coat (it's obviously not real because you haven't eaten meat since like forever ago, but who needs to know that).

All the work friends and family friends and all the kids immediately feel underdressed because you would never feel overdressed, especially at an event like this. I mean, it's a Christmas party; if you don't look like you just came from the annual Kardashian Christmas party, you are doing something wrong.

You throw your fur onto the couch effortlessly, and immediately, three ladies run to it to figure out who it's from and where you found it, but girls, it's vintage.

You take your Dior lip oil out of your YSL shoulder bag and reapply while scanning the room to see if anyone is worth conversing with or if you should still peruse around and check out the charcuterie board first.

People come up to you all night long asking what you've been up to, where your boots are from, how's school, how's work, blah blah blah. But of course, you are more than your gorgeous looks, so you can converse and entertain all night long. People argue that you can't be born with a talent, but you were born with the ability to be the center of every party (even if half of the crowd is your dad's age).

The Christmas music fills the room, and you dance your heart out to Mariah Carey all night long, but you occasionally stop during a boring song so you can fill up on drinks, food, and all the office ladies' gossip.

Look at you being the total it-girl.

Ugh, don't you just love Christmas parties!

A classic December morning in your picture perfect ski chalet. I mean who doesn't love waking up to your gorgeous view of the snowy ski slopes. Of course, you are warm and bundled up in your heated room and luxury duvet. It's almost December 25 so Christmas music is playing as you roll out of bed, no earlier than 10am because you deserve your beauty sleep. This is wear you switch out your cozy Skims set for this iconic winter outfit.

You need your outfit to be comfortable and warm, but still form fitting and flattering. Your favorite layering piece for winter is obviously a black turtleneck, and you know this Anine Bing one feels so soft and comfy. And since you'll be stepping out in the snow, you need your North Face puffer. I mean, what else would you use?

And rather than throwing on your Aritzia sweatpants, you reach for Alo. This way, you are warm and your legs look extra long. How cute.

You put on no other than your Aritzia crew socks because you appreciate the best and know what it-girls buy. Then since you are an avid reader of TIGG you are always up to date on latest trends, you own the Ugg ultra mini slippers.

It's winter and all use girls know this is the time to be extra hydrated and make sure our skin and lips are glazed and glowing. Your favorite lip product right now is the peptide treatment from Rhode because it-girls support it-girls.

And since its windy and cold you throw on your Alo faux fur headband. Its functional and stylish.

And that's it, so simple, so chic.

Whether you lounge around the house all day or make your way to the cafe where you can watch the skiers, you will be serving like nobody else.

This is the perfect look to walk around campus or to your favorite coffee shop where you order an oat milk latte and spike it with brain dust because you have to study and need all the help you can get.

These Uggs are trendy but timeless, so it says you are a fashion it-girl, but you still have a personal style and wear these shoes every time the weather drops below 70.

And you only wear the best jeans. They are always super flattering and super comfortable; every person you walk by wonders where they are from because they look perfect on you.

And Bridget Bardot is your icon, so of course, your favorite crewneck features her. But you also love this look because it feels vintage and designer at the same time.

You know accessories are best when designer, so you wear Cartier on your wrist and Celine on your face. The watch was a gift, but you bought the glasses yourself. Both are timeless, classy, and chic, and it is perfect when paired with your youthful and effortless look.

You need a big bag on campus, and you break out your Longchamp tote when the sky gets grey because it puts you in a fall mood.

Scent is such an important thing, so, of course, you make sure never to leave the house without your favorite fall perfume, Jazz Club from Maison Margiela. You've already drowned your crewneck in it, but never forget to throw your travel-sized one into your bag.

And just like that, your look is complete. It's simple yet stylish. Chic and classy but young and effortless. Slouchy but fitted. Everything is perfectly curated and crafted with thought and detail, but it's easy because this type of stuff comes naturally. You are the it-girl on campus.

I actually made this outfit based on my closet. It was an outfit I had in the back of my mind that I knew I wanted to wear getting groceries at Whole Foods in the fall, but now I think I'll wear it picking up a bagel and a coffee in NYC.

Fall time has the best vibes, and they make tasks like grabbing coffee or going out to complete errands fun. I feel so cozy and happy around this time of year, and I love going out on a cloudy day and walking around the city.

And to make the vibes even more perfect, you need a great outfit. One that's cute, cozy, and has to serve it-girl and fall simultaneously. And this outfit does just that.

The romper from Aritzia is the star of the show, and I based everything around that. I knew I wanted to pair it with an Ugg, and I went with the iconic Tazz Slipper. Plus, the little bit of red in the shoe perfectly ties in with the red jacket, also from Aritzia.

I was also thinking of featuring a jacket from either Elsa Hosk's or Gigi Hadid's new brand, but this jacket was just the perfect length and gave fall coffee run in NYC, so I just couldn't pass it up.

Have you caught onto the vibe now?

And you know I'm an iced coffee girl through and through, no matter the weather, so of course, I had to feature an iced latte because it still stands as the perfect accessory. And it would def tie this entire look together.

And girls, if I ever ever ever order a hot coffee, it will be a life-changing moment, and you will be the first to know about it because we will all be utterly shocked. Oh, and now if you will be just as shocked as I am, I'll know you are a true reader, LOL.

Now for the accessories.

The accessories were a really big deal for this look because they took the outfit from just your average trend-following look to an it-girl icon look.

This gold Vivienne Westwood ring is stunning and the perfect ring that's simple yet chunky and shows everyone that you have an eye for fashion.

And of course, I had to finish off this look with the Balenciaga Neo Cagole City Bag. Duh! It's the cutest bag ever and in my opinion, timeless. Yes, it's a staple piece that isn't totally simple, but at the same time, I think it is simple enough to go with everything and always look good. A timeless piece.

This bag really elevates the outfit and gives your look that model-off-duty vibe.

This is the perfect look to wear shopping in Soho on a perfect fall day. The weather is isn't cold, so you can wear a mini skirt, but it is fall, so you might double your jacket.

The hoodie is from Talentless and you added your fave leather jacket. This one is from H&M Men, so it looks perfect on top of that sweatshirt.

And you wouldn't wear anything other than your black mini skirt from Miaou paired with knee high black boots from Steve Madden.

And this outfit paired with Coperni's hottest bag, everyone will know you are the it-girl.

And you always take a mirror selfie, where we can see your cracked iPhone because you are to chic and effortless for a phone case, but you aren't afraid to drop it. I mean, it's just a phone. You are however more nervous about scrathing your purse, so you make sure someone always has an eye on it.

As for hair, I'd personally hit the streets with my long blond messy hair, serving Serena van der Woodsen, but I could also imagine a slick back braid. In that case though, you should also add some small black sunglasses.

And after you've been shopping with friends, you all go out for dinner and drinks at Luciens, and obviously make sure to snap a pic of those chic martinis.

Because this is what cool means to you.

So, what does an it girl wear to the airport?

I often ask this question whenever I'm traveling because it's not like you getting dressed for normal activity.

And you might think, well, it's the airport, so my outfit doesn't need a lot of thought, but I think the exact opposite.

Because it's the airport, you have to dress comfy, but with requirements, and you have to dress cute. Because comfy to me could be tiny pajama shorts, but those are necessarily comfy on a plane. And cute might be a pair of low-baggy jeans, but again, not right for the plane.

See, there is a lot of thought into what goes into an airport outfit.

What Should I Wear To The Airport?

This is how to look like a model off duty at the airport and be everyone's airport crush.

First off, a tube top.

Tube tops are so cute and so versatile. And honestly, super comfy. Like you could wear it to a party, or in this case, to the airport.

I chose this specific tube top because it's super affordable and looks really comfy.

Next, wear a pair of sweatpants to make the outfit more casual.

Not only are sweatpants super comfy and can be made super cute, but when paired with the tube top, you won't be too hot or too cold. Perfect. Because it's all about not being uncomfortable.

The Best Shoes For The Airport

My go-to shoe when traveling is always a sneaker. You literally can never go wrong with choosing a sneaker, especially in this case.

It's comfy, it's cute, and matches the outfit.

The blue sweatpants are the same shade as the back of these shoes, and I love that. Talk about tying the look together.

Now let's talk about the other items in this lookbook.

First off, your passport and suitcase, duh.

This suitcase is from Beis because that's where everyone's luggage should be from. So no questions there.

Another airport essential is headphones. I love these ones (as does every it girl), but I also think you would look like the hottest person walking around the airport in this outfit with these headphones on your head.

I know if I saw you, I would immediately want to be your friend.

And of course, accessories are a must no matter where you are going or what you are doing.

I went with silver this time because the whole look is in cool tones, so it felt right. Even though I'm a gold girl for life, I love this bracelet from Dior.

And I picked a bracelet because honestly, bracelets with tube tops > necklaces with tube tops.

How To Keep Your Lips Soft

The airplane dries out our skin like crazy, which means you have to ensure your lips are always moisturized.

I love entering the plane with a thick moisturizer, so my skin is taken care of, and then bring a lip mask or lip balm to keep reapplying throughout the flight.

This balm from Glossier is my travel go-to.

Lastly, who doesn't want to smell good all the time? Le Labo anywhere and everywhere.