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I know I say this about almost all the lookbooks I make (who doesn't) but I need this entire outfit. I love all of the individual pieces and when paired together it's just perfect. This look is so my style and it really has a lot of elements to it, lots of layers you could say. Except there aren't any physical layers because I don't like layering (I know I know it's a shock and an unpopular opinion but it's just not my vibe). But I tried to choose each piece of this outfit with a lot of intention, and I'll give you the rundown.

danielle guizio sweater

This is obviously the main character of the outfit and every other piece was chosen based on this sweater. it's so cute and so versatile: this look was just one of the million ways I could've styled it. You could wear a black mini skirt or some baggy blue jeans or whatever, I just wanted to go for a casual comfy look that's still cute and can be worn for those in between temperatures coming up.

adidas sambas

The current it-girl shoe. I wanted to throw in something popular to this look because 1) a lot of you probably have this shoe so this look will be easy to complete and 2) this is a look that a current it-girl would wear and all the current it-girls have this shoe. Plus the black keeps the focus on the sweater. I was debating choosing a more powerful shoe, but as I said, I wanted the focus to be on your legs and the sweater, not the shoe. You could also wear this look with a plain white sneakers (in that case I would stray from Adidas and go for a Reebok) but when I see myself in this outfit, this is the shoe I see. Because honestly sometimes a white shoe with a long shirt no pants look can give VSCO girl and I'm not a fan.

bottega veneta jodie

Another super chic bag for this super hot look. I wanted to throw in some designer and I knew I wanted a slouchy shoulder bag with this look (since that's all I wear) so I thought I would try out a Jodie, since this bag has been everywhere but TIGG. I tried out all the colors that the teen Jodie offered with this look and this dark brown just worked the best. Plus the teen is the best size.

skims shorts

Ok, here are the thoughts behind these shorts and why I would wear these. Originally I was thinking you could a black mini skirt or some black biker shorts, but here is why neither of those would work. First off, this is a casual look that I would wear hanging out with friends, so a skirt wouldn't cut it, plus it would change the whole vibe of the outfit. So then I thought biker shorts, but I'm not a fan of seeing the long shorts under shirts/sweaters and a booty short would be too short to wear as pants in public. But I still wanted shorts because again, hanging with friends and running around. So you could just wear some ripped jean shorts but I thought these were so much better because they are a perfect length with this sweater and they aren't skin tight so they could almost give an illusion of a mini skirt. Get where I'm going?

dior lip oil

Dark bag, dark shoes, warm sweater, you know this colored lip oil was a must. It plays into that vibe and it's just cute and minimal. This is not a lipstick look and you want to still look put together so this lip product is perfect. And I know if you read TIGG then you probably also own the Dior Lip Oil.

black sunglasses

I my love small round black sunglasses and I know I would throw them on while heading out the door, so of course I had to include them. You could also go for a fun color but I usually only wear one colorful thing per outfit, so these were just more my vibe. But if you wear more colors than me (which isn't hard to do) then you can totally pair some Lexxola or Gucci sunglasses with this look.

slouchy white socks

Of course you need slouchy white socks with the sambas since you are showing off your gorgeous legs. You could pull a Bella Hadid and wear regular crew socks but I like it when they are slouched down, that's more my vibe and I did base this look on me. But for the Bella Bots, go ahead and just wear long white socks. But for the TIGG girls, slouch 'em, your future you will thank you.

And lastly, I needed to mention a final accessory which is not featured but highly recommended for a complete look: an iced coffee. Since this is my running around / hanging out look, you know I would have a coffee. And this outfit would order oat milk in case you were wondering.

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