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This outfit lives in my mind rent-free, so of course, I had to turn this vision into a lookbook so I could take inspo from it whenever I needed it; plus now I know my next pant purchase.

This lookbook is definitely giving model off duty vibes and total it-girl with the Adidas Gazelles (which are superior to Sambas).

This look would also be so cute paired with a vintage brown bomber jacket or the leather Miu Miu jacket to really add that extra touch of style. But for the warmer days, a jacket isn't necessary, and this look is still so baby without one.

This Realisation Par tank top is one of the cutest tank tops I own, I'm obsessed with the fit and the fabric - it's just so cute and comfy, which is a must when it comes to tank tops. And I'm soooo picky about my tank tops, like out of all the clothing items, that's the one where I have the highest standards, and I'm so picky about all the little details. So skip the middle step and just trust that this is a solid tank.

As for the pants, I love a black trouser, especially one that fits nicely and looks super flattering on the butt and legs.

And, of course, I have to accessorize with gold jewelry. Little hoops and a cute bracelet are all you need for this look to elevate it but still keep it simple. And if you are a silver girl this outfit would still be great with some silver accessories.

Because the look is fairly simple (but the girls that get it, get it) the bag can be pretty interchangeable. I love a simple sleek bag and this Prada one just felt like it was the perfect one for this look. You could edge it up with a studded bag or make it even more casual with a leather tote. But since I based this look off of me, I obviously had to go with a shoulder bag because somehow I always end up with a shoulder bag.

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hello world!

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