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This outfit is what I imagine all the London it-girls to be wearing. It's very Pinterest, very Olivia Neil, very cute.

This grey pinstripe vest is from Motel Rocks and it's that perfect oversized look that is so hard to find. I love the cut and the shape, despite the fact that there aren't any curves. In fact, I think that's how it works so well. The low V cut and the shapeable fabric gives this vest an effortless throw-on look. And when styled correctly, that is all you need.

Usually, I wouldn't wear a shirt under a vest, but because this one is more oversized and layers well, a white baby tee would compliment the outfit really well. While a plain tee would look fine, I wanted to add some graphics while still keeping that minimal 90s look. And this zodiac shirt from Réalisation Par works great.

Réalisation Par is definitely a staple brand in every it-girls closet. They have great summer dresses and even did a whole collaboration with a TIGG Super, Claudia Schiffer. Since this look could come straight out of Pinterest, it needed a Pinterest baby tee and Réalisation has just that. I love this Gemini shirt from them but they offer it in every zodiac. Plus it comes with a tie-dye kit to make it colorful and unique. Love that.

Now you know I love a good mini skirt, and Miaou kills it every time. I think they make the shortest skirts ever and I love that. I genuinely believe that outfits like this look better with the shortest skirt possible, especially if the skirt is in black. You don't want to look like it's your mom's pencil skirt.

And a short skirt needs a big boot, hence these. A knee-high is exactly what you need so any big and tall black boot would work with this outfit.

And lastly, I stand by the fact that headphones are one of the best accessories. Because I was feeling a 90s vibe with this look I didn't want to go for a more modern and trendy headphone. These headphones totally match the vibe and are affordable. Always love when that happens.

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