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This is my current dream outfit. I am just so obsessed with every aspect of it! I don't own anything in this lookbook but that needs to change ASAP.

Stockholm and Copenhagen Style

Stockholm and Copenhagen style inspired this look, but I also put my own spin on it and added pieces I love.

I also wanted to talk about this tank top really quickly.

It's from TankAir, and it's an exciting piece. What I mean by that is this white tank top is $70.

You might be like, um, excuse me? Did you add that zero by accident? I know. It seems really overpriced for a tank top, and I probably could've chosen a way cheaper option that sounded more reasonable.

However, I think this is a really great quality piece.

I have this mindset where rather than having a million okay pieces, just have that one perfect one. That applies here, with this tank top.

The Perfect White Tank Top

How many white tank tops do you own that are close but not perfect? I personally have a million. But some are too short, too long, too see-through, or don't have the right neckline. You get the idea.

But every person I have seen this tank top on looks stunning.

It's so flattering, and the perfect shape and isn't see-through. It also looks like it would be super comfortable and form-fitting, but not tight.

So that's why I chose this tank top. I personally really want it, but if you don't, that's okay.

Now for the pants.

These are from Cotton On. Funny enough, they are the same price as the tank top.

Creating An Effortless Look

I love the look of these pants; they really capture the feeling I needed. They are low and slouchy and, when paired with this tight tank top, create an effortless look.

And that's where the gold jewelry comes in.

They add to that effortless look because they really tie the shirt and pants together.

The pieces I chose reflect what I like in my jewelry. I like dainty but still noticeable gold jewelry. These pieces really fit that description.

Golden Goose

I went with Golden Gooses for the shoes because I think they match the look perfectly. I didn't want a plain white sneaker, but I knew I couldn't do anything with stripes (aka Adidas were out), so that's where these came into play.

I used to be a hater of this brand, but I am slowly becoming a fan.

I went with a timeless but not boring look for the phone case. It says I'm trendy, but I'm simple. And that really describes my style right now. This one is from Rimowa.

And lastly, I tied this look together with VOSS water.

It might seem random, but I picture this girl walking the streets of Denmark, possibly vlogging, and carrying her water with her to stay hydrated. But this specific water because it acts more as an accessory than anything.

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