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This lookbook wasn't originally inspired by Hailey Bieber, but that appears to be what happened. The vibe is that girl who just left her pilates class, obviously wearing a matching workout set, and is now off to get her daily smoothie.

You've been living under a rock if you aren't aware that pilates is the new thing. Every supermodel and their mom have hopped on the reformer and got to work. But only the top do pilates with Forma Pilates, in-studio, duh. Anyone can do it with them online, but in studio is by referral only. How desirable.

And going back to that post-workout smoothie, you know we are hitting up Erewhon to get our daily dose of superfoods and overpriced produce. This pink look is perfectly complimented with no other than Hailey Bieber's new collab with Erewhon. Which by the way, I will be purchasing and reviewing it to let you know if it's worth the $17. I think I've lived here too long because that price doesn't even seem that crazy to me. Yikes.

This workout fit is from Set Active, but Alo is an acceptable choice as well. And of course, you have to own this grey crewneck from Aritzia. I suggest sizing up a lot to get that perfect oversized and slouchy look. Finally, this look is tied together with New Balances, because Hailey owns these. However, you could also go with some Asics, those are coming back.

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