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Sky Haarsma

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This top is definitely the star of the show and how hot is it? It's from the UK-based brand, Tora-Lily and she makes the coolest stuff. This specific top is a short-sleeve blue mesh with a print over the bust area. And it's stretchy because who doesn’t like a stretchy top.

Because this top screams I’m cooler than you, it needed a pant that displayed that but doesn’t take away from it. So these Tulia trousers from Poster Girl are perfect. They are part of Poster Girl’s “innovative new fishnet shapewear” that features “logo polka dot lace.” Plus they flare out on the bottom which is a must with tight pants for me. I think the colors and fabric play well together, although you could literally pair this top with anything and it would look hot. 

With the accessories, I wanted to throw in colors that were from the pain pieces, hence the blue and orange pattern. This hair clip is from the queen of hair clips, Emi Jay. If you don’t have your clips from there then IDK what you’re doing. She is my queen and makes the cutest hair clips that literally everyone wears. Like all the it-girls get 'em from here. 

Ok now, look at this bag. It’s a vintage Suhali L'Affriolant Bag from 2004 Louis Vuitton, and we all know vintage bags are the best bags. It has blue Suhali leather with gold accents, so it totally compliments both the shirt and pants. However, it isn’t cheap so I would also suggest any black mini shoulder bag that you have, that would also look super hot. Or even pull out a hobo bag if you have one because I’m calling it, those are coming back. 

And finally, you need a fun shoe for this. I was leaning into the more casual just hanging out vibe when I picked these Birkenstock X Proenza Schouler Arizona Slides. They have that supermodel meets dad vibe which is always a popular choice when it comes to footwear. However, I would also pair these with the Simon Miller clogs from this lookbook or the black platform sandals from this lookbook.

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