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I first saw this skirt on Dua Lipa and I knew it needed a lookbook. That plus the fact that I have been obsessed with these Simon Miller clogs ever since I first saw them. 

The white cut-out mini skirt is by Marshall Columbia is the perfect subversive basic to really elevate the look. It just wouldn’t be the same with a plain white mini skirt. And if you wanted to up the colors, even more, Columbia offers this skirt in a bunch of fun shades. This skirt is also perfect to wear with a bikini because of its cutouts. You can cover up while still showing off a super cute print underneath. Because of all the other matching colors in the outfit, I really wanted to just stick with a white mini skirt to add some contrast.

The bikini is from Inamorata and I’m in love with everything. From the print to the colors to the shape, it's perfect. It’s the perfect bikini for that spring break trip down to Mexico. Plus it's designed by it-girl, Emily Ratajkowski.

Now we have to talk about these shoes. They are designed by Simon Miller and are made with vegan leather. We love a sustainable shoe. They are a slip-on clog and the perfect vacation shoe. Wear them to brunch, slip them on for the pool, and dress them up for dinner. And this shade of red totally matches the bikini, how perfect!

These sunglasses are from Gucci and are huge and I love that. They literally take up your entire face and I mean that in the best way possible. In fact, the bigger the better. Perfect for blocking out that tropical sun and all the haters. 

I’m really big on colors and the way they play together, so I love this look. All the colors dance so nicely together and the accents all match up. This whole look is practically made with the colors on the bikini. The one thing throwing me off is the black rim of the sunglasses, but I didn’t want any more white since the skirt already draws a lot of attention to white.

As for the accessories, these earrings come in a pack of 6, all with different styles so you can mix and match or choose the one that best works with your outfit. I honestly love all the styles and it really is a great pack. And this look definitely needed stacked necklaces, playing into that boho-chic vibe. And the entire look is warm tones so please no silver jewelry, I don’t care if it’s your favorite. Not today.

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