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My bestie boo Lauren requested that I make a lookbook with these fun headbands that I recently purchased, so here it is! This is sorta a different take on my usual lookbooks because it's more outfit inspo because the baby tee and pants are vintage and not for sale. However, all the accessories are! So it's kinda a half and half.

Nevertheless, this fit is still super cute, and it's great because you can make it your own. Use a cool vintage baby tee you already own and pair of your favorite pants and boom! And if you don't have a favorite vintage baby tee, this is your sign to buy the one you have been eyeing on Depop for the past week.

Also, this look features the new it shoe. Bella Hadid is always strutting around in these, and you should too. Personally, I just wear my Superstars that I got in like 6th grade. They are honestly my new favorite shoe again... oh how the tables have turned...

Plus, these glasses are similar to miss Devon's and Bella is always using this headband, so you can't say it's not an it-girl look. And this bag is giving so many vibes it's perfect.

And honestly, I'm kinda feeling these jeans. They are definitely a pair that you have to wear super confidently, but I'm all for a low-rise-Paris-Hilton-pair-of-jeans.

Anywaysssss, shop the accessories down below and make it your own xxx

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