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It's honestly so funny how life works out sometimes. I had put this outfit together in my mind and tried to make it a few days ago, but the sunglasses I was finding were not giving what needed to be gave. I had this exact idea of how I wanted the glasses to look, but I couldn’t find anything that was perfectly matching what I needed. And it was so annoying. So I just scratched the lookbook, because it wasn’t going to work without this exact pair of sunglasses that I was envisioning. 

And then this morning when I was scrolling through Instagram as one does in the morning, I saw that Lexxola had posted about a new sunglass they are releasing, and when I tell you these are the EXACT PAIR I WAS INVISIOING. Like literally identical. If someone had told me that they went into my brain, I’d believe you. I was so happy and excited when I saw these that I resurfaced this lookbook and added the perfect touch. 

I wanted a pair of glasses just like the ones shown because I wanted these colors to contrast the dress exactly how they do. I love the totally unmatched vibe it gives. It's like effortlessly the most stylish person, ya know? Like oh, what these? I just threw on the first pair I could find, duh! (because we all just have every pair of Lexxola’s lying around).

And because of the unmatched sunnies, I wanted to match the bag perfectly. And I mean, come on! Look at these colors! Like talk about a match made in heaven. The colors match perfectly and this bag plus this dress is chef's kiss. 

And I love a stacked necklace moment but you could honestly just go with one of the necklaces I offered (or two) and it would still be a look. But I think these three necklaces play really well with each other and the other pieces in this look. 

And as for the shoes, I chose these ones because I literally have them and they are my summer shoe staple. They look good with everything, especially this look. I wanted to throw a solid color in there and these sandals totally did the job without looking like the black sheep.

I just wish I could be wearing this look in Spain right now. Ugh.

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hello world!

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