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Sky Haarsma

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These military pants are all the rage right now, lemme tell ya. Bella Hadid is always seen strutting the streets of New York with them and all the it-girls have a pair. I have a white and black pair, just not from this brand, and ugh that makes me depressed. I’ve been trying to get my hands on a pair of 194’s 4EVER but they are literally sold out in all the colors. When they come back in stock I’m definitely getting the white and green pair. 

But this look was really inspired by three people: Bella Hadid, Renee Bellerive, and Kim Possible. 

Bella has been seen a lot recently with a pair of these Airpods Max around her neck, and all the cool girls have a pair. This means I need to get a pair ASAP and let you gal pals know if they are worth the cash. But anyways, these have been Bella’s favorite accessories so I had to style them in a look I would totally wear: and this is it.

I saw Renee wearing a black tank top and some cargo pants and I thought she looked so cute, but I really wanted to make a look with these 194’s, so this was the perfect combo. Plus you have to wear your hair in a slick back pony to really put this look over the top. 

Kim Possible was my most favorite show growing up, and this look is giving all the Kim vibes. It's literally like a modern-day Kim Possible, which I love. But it got spiced up with this super cool arm jewelry. 

This black tank is from Skims, which as you know they are my favorite brand for basic tops and tanks. They look so good on everybody and they are so comfortable. I was actually thinking of writing you girls an article about exactly what to get from there.

Okay, but how cute are these shoes? It's Miu Miu X New Balance, aka two of my favorite brands. Like how iconic. These two brands really played nicely together which I didn’t expect at first but after seeing the Miu Miu SS22 show, it makes perfect sense. These shoes are a great mix of that dad look and that green juice influencer look. Which basically means everyone needs these. 

And feel free to play around with whatever silver accessories you want with this look, but I love this little butterfly necklace. It’s the perfect length for a plain black tank top and it manages to compliment the outfit without overpowering, which is exactly what I was looking for. 

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