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We all know and love Lexxola, so every time they drop some new designs or colors I love seeing how well it does with the it-girls of Instagram. Their Jordy’s were a cultural reset and everyone has a pair of those, such a staple. And I don’t want them leaving the spotlight anytime soon. I don’t even care if people say they are last season, I’m saying there not and that you should get over those micro-trends where the style changes every time someone on Tik Tok goes viral. I’m so over that. 

Last year (I can’t believe I’m saying that), Lexxola released the Jordy’s in new colors like pink and green. While I thought those were super cute and fun, they didn’t get a lot of hype and I never really saw those colors on my feed, people stuck to the classic blue and orange, and I don’t blame them. 


However, a new line has just been dropped: Neo. When I first saw these glasses I was like “OMG I need those ASAP,” sadly I had just purchased a pair of Lexxola’s not too long ago and I didn’t have the will to purchase anything else after that SSENSE sale. I mean if an $800 dress is on sale for $500, you just have to get it. Like it’s not even a choice. It was probably life testing me. But hey, sales are what makes the world go round. 

So despite the fact that I didn’t get my hands on the Neo immediately, I wanted to see who did. After the first week of scrolling through social I probably only saw like one girl wearing them and it was a PR package (Lexxola please get me on that list). So I thought to myself, “wow, I guess I was the only girl who appreciate these.” Boy was I wrong. They probably had so many orders they just couldn’t ship fast enough because those insta posts came at me like a bus in Mean Girls. Every it-girl that I knew had a pair.


From style icons like @JordanDaniels, @CourtneyMawhorr, or @Lame.Cobain, everyone was styling these sleek sunnies. 

The Neo comes in four colors: white, red, moss, and black. All with those iconic colored lenses. The most popular is definitely the white and honey pair and I totally see why. They are definitely the cutest of the pack and for sure my favorite. However, if you wanted to be a lil different and switch things up, the red and peach ones are a super cute runner-up. 


I don’t know about you but I can say that these are for sure my next purchase. It’s giving everything! I’ve listed the links for them in this article so it’s super quick and easy for you, but if you opened that link and flinched at the price, I’ve got you. I’ve scowered the world of Amazon to find some glasses with the vibe of an it-girl, but at an affordable price. And while there isn’t anything that looks just as luscious as the Lexxola’s, these are pretty close and all under $10 (except for one LOL).

Brazeau Wrap-Around Safety Glasses

Pyramex Goliath Safety Eyewear Outdoor

Crossfire Eyewear Safety Glasses

Carhartt Carbondale Safety Sunglasses

Flying Fisherman Polarized Sunglasses

Pyramex Goliath Safety Eyewear

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