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Accessories are a key part of any outfit. In fact, they can make or break it. That's why I gotta help you out. Picking accessories that fit your aesthetic can be hard, so I'll give you the whole run down. You can stick to that chic simple model-off-duty vibe and go for some small chunky gold earrings and necklaces, or that colorful Lindsay Vrckovnik vibe and get some big resin rings and flashy earrings. Personally, it all depends on my mood. Although I’ve definitely been in a very colorful mood lately, these pieces will probably reflect that.

Starting off strong, we have String Ting. You cannot go wrong with these gals. Below I’ve offered two of my favorite beads ATM, but feel free to browse around. The hearts one is a classic and a keeper, and the Miami mashup adds a splash of color and funk. Trust me, your phone feels like a million dollars with these things on. I’m constantly showing off my flashy phone in my mirror selfies (the beads really up the game)


Miami Remix Wristlet Phone Strap – String Ting London

Purple Pearl'd Wristlet Phone Strap – String Ting London

LEXXOLA!!! My ultimate fav sunglasses brands, and what should now be yours too if you have read any TIGG article. You can probably find every celebrity showing off a pair of these retro sunglasses. They really elevate every outfit and I need them in every color. Below I’ve put my two favs, with the newest trend being the August sunglass, and the classic trend being the Jordys. So up to you whether you wanna keep it OG or spice it up with some 60s inspired shades.

August / Tortoise / Yellow

Jordy / Black / Pink

Listen here, Praying has the most iconic and funniest clothes ever. I’m literally so obsessed, and these bags prove my love for them, I mean who doesn’t love Brangelina?? This bag is iconic and show-stopping and everything in between. I’m also definitely not one of God’s favorites, but who doesn’t love a little drama. 

Brangelina Bag – Praying

God's Favorite Bag – Praying

The classic and Bella Hadid adored chunky rings, La Manso. The queen is slowly changing up her products and flowing with the trends and I love that for her. She still has a specific place in my heart and my love goes out to anyone who spent $500 on these rings and now no longer wears them. However, I still love La Manso and I love her newer designs even more. So I threw in a classic as well a necklace that is at the top of my shopping list.

Rose DeWitt- La Manso

Forever Young, I wanna be – La Manso

A simple yet stunning pop of color is the perfect way to add life to an outfit. Mon Cher Moi is great if you are looking for some fun rings to spice up your life, but aren’t ready to commit to full on chunky. This is my favorite ring out of their whole collection and would you look at that, I placed it right here for you.

Signet Ring, Tangerine – mon cher moi

With the colder seasons approaching, scarfs are a must, and Acne Studios is the place to go. This first scarf is definitely the trendiest scarf out there right now and I am living for it. I love the chunky cozy vibe it gives off and would pair beautifully with a vintage leather jacket. The other scarf is also stunning and is great if you are looking for a more minimal autumn vibe. Both are very valid options.

Acne Studios - Multicolor Alpaca & Mohair Large Check Scarf

Acne Studios: Beige Jacquard Logo Scarf

You could either steal your dad’s ties or just click this link for a pack of like nine or something. You might be thinking, is this a fathers day gift? NO. I’m offended you would even think that. Wearing your dad's ties loose and with a Jeny Humpreh outfit is the new way of life. It's super cute, super stylish, and perfect for a back-to-school outfit that says “I’m better than all of you!”

Adulove Men's Necktie Classic Silk Tie Woven Jacquard Neck Ties 9 PCS

These hand-painted hats are to die for! If you can’t get your hands on a pair of Juliet Johnstone’s pants, then this is the next best option. This hat would pair beautifully with simple jeans and a t-shirt look and is a great way to really elevate an outfit. It would also look great in a selfie. Plus, who doesn’t love to look stylish will save your skin from the sun!

#093 – JulietJohnstone

Another lovely hat that features one of my favorite colors. Super trendy and you don’t have to be in NYC to love it! It's a classic wanted hat and I found the perfect one for you.

NY Yankees Cap

Usually, I’d want to gatekeep Laser Kitten, but for you, I’ll share my little secret. These flashy and chunky accessories are so fun and playful and below I’ve given you my top three favorites. Play around with how you’d style them, and now that Bella Hadid has been seen partying it up in one of these necklaces, it will only be a bit until they are the newest trend.




I found this brand from Matilda Djerf and I love it! These are the cutest hair clips ever, and you know how much the world loves hair clips. Matilda has the most perfect hair in the world, so if she approves this brand you know I do too.

Big Effing Clip in Honeycomb

Big Effing Clip in Purple Shroom

And there ya have it, folks. The accessories everyone needs. Feel free to go crazy and add everything to your cart, or just poke around for that pair of sunglasses you’ve been needing recently. Either way, I hope to see you leave this article with a new stylish item on its way to you. Toodles!

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