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Moon Juice is definitely one of my favorite brands when it comes to wellness and I just love all of their products. I recommend the brand a lot on here but I wanted to specifically suggest some products that are a great way to get introduced to the brand if you didn't know what to order first or if you just like wellness and are looking for some great new products,


Magnesium is a must-have product for me in general. I used to just take the pills but I love this product 1 million times more. It's a gorgeous pink drink you make before you go to bed, so not only are you getting your magenisum in but you are also setting yourself up for a great sleep. It's also delicious and the perfect wind down since I'm not a huge lover of hot drinks.

Benefits via Moon Juice:

-Relaxation enhances feelings of calm, improves mood, reduces muscle aches

-Brain Health supports healthy cognitive aging and brain function

-Regularity supports regular bowel movement, soothes and alleviates mild bloating during PMS

collagen protect

I am a lover of collagen as are most of you I would assume. Personally my three ways of including it in my diet are through either my coffee, my matcha, or a smoothie and this collagen protect acts as a healthy creamer so it is literally the perfect add in to all of those drinks. I especially love it in my skin-glowing matcha recipe. But my favorite part of this product is the fact that it has hyaluronic acid and silver ear mushroom, both of which help with deep hydration and wrinkles.

Benefits via Moon Juice:

-Preserve your natural collagen production

-Hydrate skin

-Improve skin elasticity

-Minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

spirit dust

Honestly every single one of the dusts from Moon Juice is amazing and a must have, but I figured I pick two that I feel are good starters. The beauty dust is great but since you have the collagen, I think the spirit dust is also amazing. It helps improve your mood and make you less irritable and calmer so you can enjoy life more! I like to add this to my coffee to kick off my day.

Benefits via Moon Juice:

-Organic Reishi known to nourish and calm, providing a sense of joy and peace

-Organic Ashwagandha helps promote emotional wellbeing

-Organic Astragalus supports feelings of centeredness

-Wildcrafted Mimosa Bark traditionally used to relieve feelings of moodiness and irritability

-Organic Dan Shen known to calm the heart

-Longan Berry known to promote tranquility

-Organic Goji supports feelings of happiness

brain dust

Another great dust especially for my girls in school. This supplement helps with focus and stress, perfect for finals week or just in general. I usually like to use this product when school is getting extra annoying or I have extra work that day. If I have a big enough bag I'll throw it in there and take it with me to a coffee shop when I'm trying to get work done.

Benefits via Moon Juice:

-Organic Lion's Mane known to be neuroprotective

-Ginkgo supports speedy processing

-Rhodiola promotes alertness and concentration

-Organic Ashwagandha promotes mental stamina and clarity

-Organic Astragalus known to promote healthy blood flow

-Organic Maca traditionally used to promote energy and memory function

chaga powder

My last suggestion, which is probably the simplest of all since it's just one ingredient, but a very important one at that. Chaga is so great for you and this one comes from a trusted brand so I love it. I love this specifically for its anti-inflammatory properties. I add this into every single smoothie I make.

Benefits via Moon Juice:

-Support a healthy immune system

-Reduce inflammation

-Balance energy

-Help reduce fatigue

-Increase mental sharpness

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