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So, what does an it girl wear to the airport?

I often ask this question whenever I'm traveling because it's not like you getting dressed for normal activity.

And you might think, well, it's the airport, so my outfit doesn't need a lot of thought, but I think the exact opposite.

Because it's the airport, you have to dress comfy, but with requirements, and you have to dress cute. Because comfy to me could be tiny pajama shorts, but those are necessarily comfy on a plane. And cute might be a pair of low-baggy jeans, but again, not right for the plane.

See, there is a lot of thought into what goes into an airport outfit.

What Should I Wear To The Airport?

This is how to look like a model off duty at the airport and be everyone's airport crush.

First off, a tube top.

Tube tops are so cute and so versatile. And honestly, super comfy. Like you could wear it to a party, or in this case, to the airport.

I chose this specific tube top because it's super affordable and looks really comfy.

Next, wear a pair of sweatpants to make the outfit more casual.

Not only are sweatpants super comfy and can be made super cute, but when paired with the tube top, you won't be too hot or too cold. Perfect. Because it's all about not being uncomfortable.

The Best Shoes For The Airport

My go-to shoe when traveling is always a sneaker. You literally can never go wrong with choosing a sneaker, especially in this case.

It's comfy, it's cute, and matches the outfit.

The blue sweatpants are the same shade as the back of these shoes, and I love that. Talk about tying the look together.

Now let's talk about the other items in this lookbook.

First off, your passport and suitcase, duh.

This suitcase is from Beis because that's where everyone's luggage should be from. So no questions there.

Another airport essential is headphones. I love these ones (as does every it girl), but I also think you would look like the hottest person walking around the airport in this outfit with these headphones on your head.

I know if I saw you, I would immediately want to be your friend.

And of course, accessories are a must no matter where you are going or what you are doing.

I went with silver this time because the whole look is in cool tones, so it felt right. Even though I'm a gold girl for life, I love this bracelet from Dior.

And I picked a bracelet because honestly, bracelets with tube tops > necklaces with tube tops.

How To Keep Your Lips Soft

The airplane dries out our skin like crazy, which means you have to ensure your lips are always moisturized.

I love entering the plane with a thick moisturizer, so my skin is taken care of, and then bring a lip mask or lip balm to keep reapplying throughout the flight.

This balm from Glossier is my travel go-to.

Lastly, who doesn't want to smell good all the time? Le Labo anywhere and everywhere.

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