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Fur boots are all the rage right now. Designers are making them everywhere and Kendall Jenner is showing off wearing a pair in the snow. And I'm all for the love they are getting, in fact, I'm pretty obsessed with them. If I didn't live in the sun I would definitely have gotten my hands on a pair by now.

So these fur boots are def the main piece for this lookbook. Since they are such a statement, a mini skirt perfectly compliments them without overpowering them. It's all about the legs. These boots are from Zara and they are the perfect Miu Miu dupe (balling on a budget).

And in the wise words of Paris Hilton, skirts should be the size of a belt (couldn't agree more) which is why this white mini skirt from I.AM.GIA is all the rage. I love the touch of white because it kinda reminds me of snow and like fur boots...snow...duh.

This thin scarf is perfect because it's giving more fashionable than functional, similar to all the other pieces in this look. I don't see that as a bad thing.

And a pop of color never hurt, in fact, it probably heals. So I went with a fun blue sweater since I rarely style the color blue and I wanted to switch things up. Plus I love this shade. But because of all the other neutral colors in this look, you could pretty much wear any color sweater you like.

Finally, you know I had to pair this look with an oversized leather jacket because it always elevates an outfit. It plays into that "it's so chilly outside" vibe yet not enough to look like you are going to snow. The perfect middle ground. This particular jacket reminds me of my vintage Guess one which is why I picked it.

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