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Bella Hadid has been killing it recently, especially in Milan. She is constantly serving on and off the runway, and her off-duty looks are 2DIE4. But recently, she's been sporting a new accessory, her art director boyfriend, Marc Kalman.

The two have supposedly been dating since 2020, and it's been on the DL, but not so much now. Apparently, “the couple has been secretly dating since July 2020, successfully sneaking around New York throughout the pandemic to keep their relationship under wraps.”

Seeing these two in public together was a rare sighting, but apparently not in Milan


Marc seems to be accompanying her to and from all the shows or just to go get gelato.

And speaking of gelato, I def approve of Bella’s order.

It looks like a chocolate and strawberry combo, so I have major respect for her. 

When Bella was leaving the Max Mara show, Marc was right there with her. But honestly, was anybody even looking at him when Bella looked that good?  Sorry, Marc.


My favorite outfit she has worn out with him so far has definitely got to be the one after the Fendi show.

She wore a Marc Jacobs Heaven superstar knit sweater (not available) and the most flattering pants from Susamusa Clothing (link below). And, of course, she had to add the vintage Chanel black caviar tote bag, which seems to be her go-to bag this fashion week. And I don’t blame her; it's super cute and goes with pretty much everything.

I have the sweater, so you KNOW, I have to get my hands on a pair of those pants. 


But let's be real, only Bella could pull off that hairstyle that well. And who knows, maybe we will evolve from slick Bella Hadid buns to slick long Bella Hadid hair.

Notice a pattern here?  

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